The Best Walkie Talkie For Kids You Should Get Today!

As a kid, you know what’s more exciting than being three-hundred feet away from your best friend who tagged along on the family camping trip, and talking to them through a walkie talkie?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Walkie talkies aren’t just designated as a toy on the camping trip, though—they’re imperative for your children to have on them if they’re going to go exploring in the woods.

You don’t want to be a helicopter parent and prevent them from embracing the outdoors, but you also want them to be safe.

The best children’s walkie talkies will give you that peace of mind.

With a wide range, long-lasting battery, and an easy-to-use UI, you’ll always be able to keep tabs on the kids while also allowing them to have their uninterrupted fun. 

We’ve looked at the brands and specific walkie talkie models that parents recommend, and that kids love using, while also keeping a reasonable budget in mind.

Best Walkie Talkie for Kids







Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel Reviews


Retevis RT628 22 Channel Walkie Talkies 


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Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies Review

Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies


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Tintec 3 Pack Walkie Talkies


Tintec LCD Flashlight Walkie Talkies


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FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkie

HEAD Vu Dry Full Face Mask


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Funkprofi Walkie Talkies Review

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask


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Let's now review each walkie talkie individually:

#1 Retevis RT628 22 Channel Walkie Talkies

Kids walkie talkies are an absolute blast to use, and Retevis makes them even more fun with this simple set.

Built out of hard plastic and a bit of rubber around the edges, they’re durable to hold up to whatever your children put them through (which we can only assume will be a lot).

The antenna are sturdy and won’t come off from simple drops or bumps, so it can be put through its paces.

The LCD screen is a bit hard to see at times, but displays the information clearly with a blue light background. It changes in real time with button operations, so you won’t be lagging 1-2 seconds behind from your inputs.

Retevis has these operating on a 22-channel system, giving you an option to find the right channel that works for you.

Find a secure channel to communicate with your children, or have the option to move to a new channel if other walkie talkie users are in range.

These do drain the batteries fairly quickly, so you will go through AAs on camping trips. Some careful planning will prevent this from being an issue.

There are multiple call ring melodies for you to cycle through if you wish, giving you a wide range of customizable options. Button tones can also be configured to your liking.

In the package, you’ll get two belt clips along with the manual and two walkie talkies. These clips are okay, but they’re not built to last for as long as you’ll have the walkie talkies.

One of the selling points on this pair of walkie talkies is how compact and lightweight it is.

We know that kids can misplace things often, but with the four vibrant colors to choose from and loud button tone options, these should be easy enough to find.

The range is about two to three miles in a controlled environment, which means you should account for about 1 ½ miles of maximum use.

Your kids can use it at home as well, and can give one to their friend who lives close by so the two can communicate without the need of a cell phone—it’s versatile beyond application on the campsite.

You’ll get a 90-day warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if they don’t fit your liking.


  • Material: Plastic, rubber
  • Waterproof: No
  • Number in Set: Two
  • Range: 2-3 miles
  • Channel Options: 22
  • Weight: 3.5 oz

#2 Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies for kids usually come with pretty standard features, but Huaker wanted to bring this to the next level, and so they did.

You get three in a set, each with a different colored camouflage design that kids love.

The edges of the chassis are fitted with rubber to add a bit of elasticity if it’s dropped, and the antenna is also built strong to take the brunt it, too.

If enough drops or damage occur, you have a 12-month warranty to cash in on. It’s limited, but it will cover a lot of problems you could encounter.

There’s an absolute maximum of three miles of range, but even Huaker states that it’s under the very best circumstances.

If you were both outside on flat ground and nothing in the way, three miles—that’s just not feasible. 

We would rate this as maybe a two-mile walkie talkie at the very best.

When the radio signal is coming in, it’s very clear. Huaker put an anti-interference module in this to cut out the static and provide some clarity.

While it’s not confirmed, we believe that the walkie talkie prioritizes clarity over range, hence the shortened range of two miles. If you can hear the other person, it’s usually pretty clear.

If you’re worried about someone invading the channel, don’t worry: Huaker has 99 subchannels on top of the standard 22 channels for normal use.

This means that even on a dense campsite in the middle of July with a bunch of kids using walkie talkies, your children can find their own secure channel with nobody else on it.

The interactions are simple, and the unit is very lightweight. It’s got a hands-free call function like you would find on a standard two-way radio, making it easy to call one another while they’re playing or trying a game of hide-and-seek.

Overall, for the price, you’re getting three walkie talkies and a great deal of clarity, and it’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Material: Plastic, rubber
  • Waterproof: No
  • Number in Set: Three
  • Range: 3 miles
  • Channel Options: 22,99 sub
  • Weight: 9.6 oz

#3 Tintec LCD Flashlight Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkie reviews are filled with anecdotal information about what uses children can get out of them, and Tintec is no different.

There’s countless testimonies to the durability of these, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Made with a durable PVC plastic, it’s drop resistant up to about 3 ½ feet before any issues occur, but keep in mind that it has no water resistance. 

So long as water isn’t what ruins it, there’s a 12-month warranty that’s fairly flexible.

Be sure to read the information in the inclusive manual with your purchase to better understand its limitations.

It’s a budget-friendly pack, and as such, the range is slightly lower: two miles.

These would be best for small children to use in mildly controlled environments, such as outside your home or on campsites where you can keep an eye on them. 

The range drops to about a mile when you’re in a cityscape environment due to electrical interference, but the clarity is all there. They’ll be able to understand one another without issue.

The backlit LCD screen allows them to see everything that’s displayed with ease, allowing you to flip through the 22 channels and alter the settings.

There are ways to change the tones to customize your walkie talkie. 

Speaking of LCD, there’s also a flashlight function so they can use them in the dark if they’re playing manhunt outside at night with friends.

They’re versatile, but they’re also vibrantly colored so that your kids won’t lose them (or so, that is the hope).

The only thing that can get a bit confusing for kids is the options menu. It’s easily accessible, and there are a total of nine buttons no the front of the screen.

Something is bound to be pressed by accident, and there’s no lock-out mode so that children don’t mess with the settings.

It’s going to take some practice for them to get used to, and perhaps a few times of you resetting their walkie talkies before they realize what they can and cannot touch.

Waterproof carrying cases should help eliminate unnecessary or unintended button pushing.


  • Material: PVC plastic
  • Waterproof: No
  • Number in Set: Three
  • Range: 2 miles
  • Channel Options: 22
  • Weight: 9.6 oz

#4 FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies

Before we dive into the awesome details behind FAYOGOO’s walkie talkies for kids, let’s air our main grievance with it so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The range that’s display, the four-mile range, is under the very best controlled circumstances. 

That’s an open field with no trees, on flat, solid ground, and that’s how you get the very best. 

The quality can drop since the frequency is low, so in residential environments or running around the neighborhood, it has a maximum range of one mile.

FAYOGOO landed down here on this list for one other reason as well: clarity. Once you get near that one-mile cap, the clarity will get a bit fuzzy.

On the one hand, if you’re using the other one and checking in with your child, it lets you know how far away they are in an emergency, but it can make for less-than-fun use when you have to ask the other person to repeat themselves again.

Now that all comes with the territory, because the price is excellent for what you get. It’s not all bad.

The battery draw on this is fair, meaning it’s going to go through AAA batteries at a very slow pace so you won’t have to worry much about that. 

There’s a drop resistance rating of about 3 ½ feet, so knocking it off the table in the kitchen shouldn’t destroy the thing. With a hard plastic casing, it’s built to withstand dust and debris, but even the slightest amount of water will destroy this thing.

When it comes to the warranty, it’s actually fairly good. FAYOGOO gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is always nice, and a one-year warranty for electrical and manufacturing issues.

It’s hard to prove that it wasn’t user-created when you do have a problem, but their customer service team does well to take care of you.

Last but not least, there’s an LCD-lit screen and a flashlight mode. Unlike most LCD screens that use blue light, this has a vibrant neon green, so you can clearly make out the black numbering.

With minimal buttons and ways to interfere, flip between the 22 different channels and find one that’s comfortable, then begin your outside adventures.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: No
  • Number in Set:  Two
  • Range: 4 miles
  • Channel Options: 22
  • Weight: 4.8 oz

#5 Funkprofi Kids Walkie Talkies

Children’s walkie talkies need a durable chassis to sustain the many, many things that they’re going to put them through.

This doesn’t feature the best drop resistance, but it comes with a ton of great features for you to get excited about.

With it being on the bottom of our list, there are trade-offs.

For one, you get rechargeable AAA batteries instead of disposable ones.

There’s a charging cable that you can attach right to the walkie talkies, so you won’t run into any problems with that.

You can detach the batteries in favor of disposables if you’re running short on time or just want to have an emergency power backup on-hand.

The child-friendly design doesn’t put a ton of buttons on the top. Instead, accessing the menu options, as you will do when you set it up for them, is slightly more convoluted.

This can be a pain for parents during setup, but it’s designed to ensure your children don’t get onto strange channels or mess with the internal settings too much.

There’s a three-mile range on this, but don’t expect it to sustain that in a residential environment.

Much like the previous walkie talkies we discussed, you can get up to one mile in a neighborhood settings before the signal cuts out.

It prioritizes clarity over volume or range, so you will always get the closest to HD audio that you can possibly get through a children’s toy.

You’ll get belt clips, a charger, user manual, and additional batteries in your kit when it arrives.

All of that for a low cost is a pretty good value, and you can choose between ten different vibrant colors so that your children hopefully won’t misplace them. 

There are 22 channels to select from, clear voice transmission, and a ton of fun to be had. Keep in mind that Funkprofi doesn’t include a warranty with this, so you’re on your own from the time of purchase.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof: No
  • Number in Set:  Two
  • Range: 3 miles
  • Channel Options: 22
  • Weight: 12 oz

Walkie Talkie FAQ

Walkie Talkie FAQ

You’re a parent, and you have safety concerns with your children.

We’ve cleared it all up and discussed the talking points that you want to know, so you can rest assured that your child is using a safe piece of equipment. 

From channels to how these function in the first place, read the questions and answers below to have peace of mind when selecting the best walkie talkies for your kids.

Are Walkie Talkie Signals Safe for Kids to Use?

Yes. Walkie talkies are classified as toy radios because they use FRS channels, or Family Radio Service.

This is free to use, so they won’t be interfering with any GMRS signals. Since it is an open and free radio service, it is important to talk to your kids about only communicating with or responding to the intended person. 

Radio signals and frequencies are not exclusive, so anyone who purchases similar walkie talkies could operate on them and attempt communication. Some basic safety etiquette will suffice.

Are These Walkie Talkies Legal to Bring on International Vacations?

They can be, but you have to know which countries you are going to and their regulatory system.

For example, in the UK, their radios cannot have more than a 500mW transmission of power, so all walkie talkies for sale are fairly weak. Walkie talkies can also only have a maximum of a two-mile range as well. 

Every country is different; some have laws, some do not, but it’s important to research them before you take a trip.

They operate machinery and communication on different frequencies than we do, and failing to comply with these laws could interfere with that.

How Does a Walkie Talkie Work?

Walkie T alkie How does it work

Walkie talkies use radio signals, which are on the electromagnetic spectrum.

There’s an electromagnetic field that basically travels through the air at ridiculous speeds, and is invisible to the naked eye. 

The only thing that you can see regarding the electromagnetic spectrum is a rainbow. Walkie talkies operate within this spectrum to send radio signals from one antenna to another.

They can operate in real time (no delay in communication) because radio waves travel at the speed of light, so a two-mile range on a walkie talkie transmits your voice with no problem.

What is the Range of Kids Walkie Talkies?

The best children’s walkie talkies show ranges of two to three miles and above, but these are in laboratory conditions without real-world interference to account for.

In truth, you can expect about 75% of the marketed range. 

This will account for normal interference, electrical interference, and being in different landscapes when on a camping trip.

Being a few hundred feet above sea level while the receiving walkie talkie is at sa level can make a difference in capability.

Can Different Brand Walkie Talkies Communicate?

If you got the best rated walkie talkies for kids from this list, and your child’s friend got it from another list and ended up with a different brand, they can still communicate. It’s all about operating frequencies.

So long as both walkie talkies can achieve the same frequency, they can communicate with one another.

There are different grades of walkie talkies, meaning some might operate on higher frequencies and not have access to the same range as the other walkie talkie.

What is the Difference Between a Two-Way Radio and a Walkie Talkie?

Nowadays, it’s mostly just about strength.

A two-way radio is designed for tougher use, such as between nurses in hospitals or police officers. 

They are capable of sending and receiving radio signals.

Walkie talkies are lowered versions of these, and can be purchased without the licensing requirements for high-end radio gear. 

When a radio is capable of interfering with signals and broadcasting to numerous devices (a two-way radio is capable of this), you need proper licensing so the airwaves aren’t just flooded with random information or interferences with no accountability.

When do I Need a License to Use a Walkie Talkie?

Us Radio Licences

If it’s marketed as an FRS/GMRS walkie talkie, or just a GMRS, then you need a license to use it.

These use the General Mobile Radio Service, which requires a paid-for license where you will have to register an account and identify yourself.

FRS radio signals are free to use. If your radio operates on a GMRS, it has the capability to go into unsecured, licensed channels which could cause interference.

Full Range of Comms and Fun

You want to stay in communication with your kids, but you also want them to have fun—now you’ve got the best walkie talkies on the market to make that happen.

Between extensive ranges and enhanced durability, you can feel confident that they’ll be reachable and accessible, while still letting them have their own fun and adventures on a camping trip.

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