Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping – 10 Tips You Need to Know

Don’t let these tiny bloodsuckers ruin your summer camping. The country has experienced a lot of rainfall in some areas this year.

Although some people love the moisture, it does attract some unwanted tiny creatures - mosquitoes. These tiny bloodsuckers live in areas with dense shade and vegetation.

It looks like your campsite is an inviting place for them. Getting bitten by a mosquito is annoying and the resulting bites are uncomfortable.

Don’t let these bloodsuckers get in your way, read this post and learn how to control mosquitoes while camping.

Spray Pest Control Chemical (DEET or other pesticides)

Spray Pest Control Chemical (DEET or other pesticides)

When spraying using a pest control chemical, concentrate on the foliage that is near to your camping site. In reality, it may not do a lot in keeping the mosquitoes away but it can help in reducing them.

It may work within a few minutes, but mosquitoes do not stay in one place, they go from one place to another.

This means that the tiny bloodsucker creatures will eventually find their way to where you are camping. The pest control chemical known as DEET can keep them off for a while though, so don’t forget to add it to your camping checklist.

Install a Big Fan on your Camping Site

Of course, mosquitoes can fly but they are not good at it. If you install a big fan and blow it across the area where you will stay, you can disrupt their flying and they will avoid that area because of too much air. If you do not have enough electricity, hope for a steady breeze of air.

Use Insect Repellant Products

insect repellent products

Insect repellant is very effective. My partner is a pest control expert and he advised me to apply an insect repellant on different parts of my body including my smooth face. It can protect you not just against mosquitoes but on other types of insects as well.

Use Citronella Oil and Candles

Citronella both candles and oil are very effective in repelling mosquitoes. Position them within the perimeter where you are staying, a couple of feet apart, and then light it up.

The citronella oil is an all-natural insect repellent that is made of distilled oils of various grasses that can repel, instead of killing the mosquitoes.

Citronella can mask the scents of lactic acid and carbon dioxide, thus reducing the number of mosquitoes that will remain in your area. You can use citronella bands to increase your protection against mosquitoes.

Use Cedar Oil

using cedar oil

Another effective oil that can keep the mosquitoes away is the cedar oil. The natural scent of cedar oil is appealing to people. However, mosquitoes will feel otherwise. Cedar oil can kill their eggs and larvae.

Keep the Campsite Well-Lighted

For some areas, this could be impossible, but it is the best way to stay away from these tiny creatures since they love dense vegetation and lots of shade. Just to make sure you are well protected you can apply some effective insect repellant.

Use a Gravid Trap

using gravid trap

The gravid trap is used by agencies to collect mosquito specimens for study and observation. The gravid trap is also very effective to draw mosquitoes away from your location.

Position it at the extreme edge of your area – if you can place it in a shady area much better. The females will be attracted to the trap and captured. I have tried creating my own gravid trap, I have read in an article how to do it.

But, if you want you can purchase a ready-made gravid trap.

If You Use Propane Grill Do Not Cook Near Camper

Propane grill produces CO2. These bloodsuckers are attracted to CO2. If you need to use your propane grill, make sure that you position it away from where you will be sitting.

You can spread out a welcome mat for the mosquitoes if you will be cooking under your awning.

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Use Smartphone Application to Ward off Mosquitoes

using smartphone applications

Did you know that even your gadget for RV/camping can ward off mosquitoes? With the newest technology, even bug repellent can be downloaded on your smartphone or any compatible gadget.

The application like Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller, keep the bugs away with the use of high-frequency sound that most people do not notice, but mosquitoes hate it.

Apply Alcohol or Vaporub

Some people have been using alcohol to ward off mosquitoes. You can splash isopropyl alcohol on your exposed body parts and let it dry to keep the mosquitoes away and from biting you.

You can also try putting a vaporub on your legs to keep not just mosquitoes but other insects away.

Bonus Tips On Warding Off The Mosquitoes

Here are some additional tips how to control or prevent mosquito bites:

  • Camp away from wet, grassy locations, make sure you do not get near your rv sewer hose
  • Avoid scented or fragrant personal products
  • Use light colored long sleeve shirts and pants. Dark colors particularly black and blue attract insects
  • Use a bandana and a hat on your neck and head
  • Keep cool - sweat attract bugs

Final Words

Mosquitoes can ruin your camping adventure and affect your comfort around the campsite, so bring along something that will ward off these tiny bloodsuckers.

Citronella oils and candles can help them away from the area, but if you want thorough protection you can apply a bug repellent to your skin.

Hope this how to control mosquitoes while camping tips can help you have a comfortable and bite-free adventure.

Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping – 10 Tips You Need to Know
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