Camping With Dogs: 7 Tips To Make It Successful

You may have been wanting to experience the great outdoors in your free time, but you also don’t want to spend it without your beloved furry friend. As a dog owner, I would like to take my dog on trips that I know I will enjoy. However, I always have to take my dog’s safety into consideration.

Camping is a must-try outdoor activity with your dog. It may sound inconvenient and risky at first, but in fact, it is surely exciting! I’ve gathered some crucial points on how you can have a hassle-free experience when camping with dogs.​

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How Much Can My Truck Tow?

Before you decide to use your vehicle for towing, you need to know its maximum towing capacity. The manufacturer indicates a standard rated capacity, wherein it is best to follow. If you go beyond what is recommended, you might be at risk of accidents waiting to happen.

Setting aside the dangers it can cause to people, towing a vehicle that is too heavy can also damage your truck. You put your brakes, engine, rear axle, wheel bearings, and transmission. In addition, this would make the manufacturer's warranty invalid.

If it is your first time to buy a tow vehicle, do some research about its towing capacity. Preferably, choose a tow truck that is capable of hauling a larger capacity than what you originally planned.​

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How Hot Does A Campfire Get? (An Informative Guide To A Fun Adventure)

The hotness of fire is determined by its color. Campfire is what makes your wilderness adventure complete and nothing beats the relaxing warm a campfire brings after a long day of hiking and outdoor activities. Sitting back while comfortably warming yourself from the shivering breeze the forest brings is the best part of every camper's tiring day. But exactly how hot does a campfire get before it leads into something unpleasant?

Yes, camping is fun but being informative and having knowledge with safety can make it more awesome!

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Best Rv Battery – Do NOT Buy Before Reading This!

You’re probably wondering, are car batteries the same as RV batteries? All RV’s need a set of “house” batteries that power the 12 volt needs, as well as a starting battery meant to power the engine. House batteries may be comprised of several batteries wired together whereas the engine battery is just the same as car batteries, except larger. Before rounding up the best RV batteries in the market, let’s first learn the differences between house and starting batteries.

First and foremost, house batteries are designed to provide energy over long stretches of time while engine or starting batteries offer quick bursts of energy aimed at getting the engine going. Here’s a good comparison: if the house battery is a marathon, the engine battery is a 100-meter dash.

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Do You Need A Special License To Drive An RV? Yes and No.

Those who are considering the hippie and free spirit lifestyle frequently bombard us with the question "do you need a special license to drive an RV?". Unfortunately, there’s no absolute answer to this issue.

Each state here in the United States conforms to specific and separate set of guidelines and rules regarding licensing of motorhomes. Hence, this post will focus on giving you substantial information guide you regarding the special license required to operate your motorhome.

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Predator Generator Reviews: What’s The Best RV Generator In The Market?

Manufactured by Harbour Freight, the Predator line of generators seem to be the best deal out there when it comes to power vs. price. These generators are durable, easy to operate and provide tons of power ideal for charging RV batteries. If you’re a first-time generator user or buyer, don’t fret because we’re kind enough to offer you our well-researched Predator generator reviews to help you out.

Predator generators are used primarily by people looking for portable options for tasks such as running high-powered tools, building a backup system for emergency purposes, and charging up RV batteries.

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5w30 vs 10w30: Top Engine Oil Facts You Need To Know

Oil is the fuel of every motor. Without it, you won’t be able to explore the great outdoors or venture into the wilderness. When it comes to engine oils for your motorhome and RV, you have a variety to choose from.

That includes the two popular types, the 5w-30 and 10w-30. Each oil type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, we’ll be conducting a showdown between the both of them – 5w30 vs. 10w30.

Now, before comparing the two and weighing which one is better, you should first know that several factors come into play when choosing an appropriate engine oil. That includes the external environment, driving conditions, the total engine mileage, and the manufacturer’s recommendation.

To start off, let’s know more about “engine oils”. Car lovers and mechanics are well aware what engine oils are and what they can do, but for typical riders like us, we may look at engine oils only at the surface level -- just as fancy gasoline types.

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An In-Depth Review Of The Best RV Mattresses In The Market

RV-ing around the county during the lazy summer season is definitely fun. The only thing most people aren't fond of was when it’s time to hit the sack. RV mattresses tend to be hard and uncomfortable - a recipe for sleepless nights and stiff necks.

Hence, we took the job of finding the best RV mattresses that will ensure sleeping comfort, pleasure, and can give you the ultimate rest you deserve.

Before we go any further into this discussion, you first need to know that RV mattresses differ from home beds concerning size and frame since RVs have limited space and accessibility.

So, if you’re here reading this because you’re planning on buying a new mattress, you have to make sure that the mattress of your choice will fit correctly and is compatible with your camper.​

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Braving The Great Outdoors: 5 Of The Best Tactical Knives Of 2018

The best tactical knife can get you through the toughest of situations, whether it be at home or the great outdoors. Tactical knives play a multitude of roles for self-defense, various cutting tasks (from fending off a bear to cutting ropes), and other utility purposes.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you simply enjoy hunting or fishing, then chances are you already have a tactical knife.​

Tactical knives were long used by the military or law enforcement to aid in carrying out life-or-death operations and such. Combat fighters also utilize these solid knives, but we don’t recommend using it for that particular circumstance; rather, use it purely for self-defense.​

The term "tactical" is very fluid. Some knives claim to be tactical when in fact, they’re anything but tactical. Tactical knives bear a standard feature – a sturdy built meant to withstand action and abuse. They should have the ability to weather into the teeth of the storm and come out unscathed.​

So, what makes a tactical knife?​

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