Where To Go Camping In Puerto Rico? 3 Of The Best Camping Spots In The Island

"Puerto Rico is a camper’s paradise" is an understatement. Describing this place is quite challenging for me as I don’t know where to begin with -- there are so many majestic and wonderful things about this magical place I call my Western sanctuary. Indeed, camping in Puerto Rico is like no other.

Sprawling with mountains, lakesides, pristine beaches, and massive forests, you’ll never truly run short of activities on this island.

If you’re an avid camper and you really want to explore and camp at the best spots here, perhaps you’ll need a car to go out and about from one place to another as the camping places we’ll be featuring are far in between.

So, shall we start?

How To Pack For Camping

Suppose you don’t plan to use a car and you are to travel by commuting (or by foot), it’s imperative to know how to pack your backpack properly.

After all, your backpack is your best travel companion, so might as well pack it real tight and right for your convenience.

Packing is a skill. Not everyone knows how to do it right. In fact, it took me a couple of trips and going home in sour clothes before I finally learned the do’s and don’ts of backpacking. Tune in the video below to know how to pack the right way; I hope this helps!​

Now that your backpack’s all set for the awaited Puerto Rico getaway, you might first want to make an itinerary for the sites you want to see.

Of course, being the wanderer that you are, you’ll find it boring to stay at hotels when there are A LOT of beautiful camping sites on the island. Make sure you put these awesome places we’ve listed for you below on your list!

3 Of The Best Camping Spots In Puerto Rico​

1. Charco Azul de Patillas​

Charco Azul de Patillas​

When it comes to natural swimming pools, Charco Azul has got to be one of Puerto Rico’s best. This pristine pool is located near the Carite Forest, on the border between the regions of Cayey and Patillas. See directions here.

The place is aptly called "Charco Azul" or "blue pond" in English due to the gradient blue hue of the not-so-deep waters. Stretching 30 to 40 ft across, this fresh water pool is fed by two small streams that gush over a 10-ft waterfall, making it a majestic scene for kids and adults alike.​

I suggest visiting this place during non-peak seasons to experience solitude at its best. Plan your visit accordingly, make sure you get a taste of their famous lechon (roasted suckling pig), and just waste your day away in nature.

Camping in the designated recreational areas of this place is allowed though you may need to acquire a permit ahead of time first.

2. Parque Nacional Tres Hermanos​

Parque Nacional Tres Hermanos​

If you’re on the lookout for a wide coast, crystal clear waters, some booze, and serenity - the ultimate island life - there’s nowhere to go but to Parque Nacional Tres Hermanos.​

This place is nothing short of a paradise - the island’s mountains plus the view of the sea is a sight to behold! Oh, the camping fee only costs about $10 to $20 here, complete with electricity and water.

All you need to bring is your tent and sleeping bag or opt to rent a villa for a relatively higher price if you want.

They have groceries and roadside stalls selling cheap and fantastic food. Don’t ever leave without trying their rotisserie chicken, empanadas, and fresh mango juice that are to die for!​

To get here, it would take a 2-hr drive from San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, to the city of Anasco. From Anasco, you may ask the locals to point you to Barrio Hatillo.

3. Aguirre Forest​

Aguirre Forest​ - Puerto Rico

Situated along the Southeastern shoreline of the island that juts out into the Caribbean Sea lies the Aguirre State Forest Reserve, a less known reserve offering a home for tired souls and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility.

Dotted with 2000 acres of coastal forests full of mangroves, long trails, exotic birds, and manatees, this place is for the adventurer who wants to seek unique and impressive nature activities.​

That includes bird watching, kayaking, hiking, feeding manatees, wildlife viewing, dolphin sighting, and camping. Bird watchers especially love this reserve because of the great number of bird species thriving in the area.​

Though there are currently no camping facilities here, visitors are welcome to pitch tents.

Read more: The 5 most popular 4 person tent for camping here.​

To get here, follow Road 7710 south of Guayama (about an hour’s drive from San Juan) along the coast until you spot signs leading to Aguirre Forest Reserve.

Final Thoughts​

If you’re planning a getaway to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, those three camping spots -- the Charco Azul de Patillas, Tres Hermanos, and Aguirre Forest - We’ve listed for you are just, surprisingly, few of the bests because we might fill this entire blog if we were to list it all.​

So, how’d you think of the places we’ve suggested?

Do you know other camping spots in Puerto Rico?

Have you been to this island?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Simply comment below! And hey, don’t forget to share this post. Cheers!

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