Camping Is Not Just For The Young!

One of the growing concerns among aged people is not the fact that they are getting old, but that they have few channels of entertainment.

In the US, UK and other countries of the world, many studies have shown a positive relation between social interaction and physical health benefits for the seniors.

Social relationships are markers of health for the elderly people and it is necessary that they find more and more pathways of social interaction.

Seniors Camping

Camping is one of the activities that seniors can safely partake in and enjoy. Many seniors who fear that camping may be too difficult or uncomfortable for them will find their fears unfounded.

An exciting summer camping trip for seniors with their grandchildren will work wonders for the mental and physical health of all generations of the family.

Lack of a social network, difficulty driving around safely and loneliness are all problems that plague the senior sections of society.

Loneliness can further lead to a number of issues, both psychological and physical. Therefore, it is important that seniors should involve themselves in social activities to keep all their problems at bay. Camping is the ideal way to spend time with loved ones while appreciating the joys of nature.

Tips For Senior Campers​

Tips For Senior Campers
  • For the seniors who wish to go camping, the activity requires more precise planning than for the younger campers. Prepare an extensive list of all that you need for the camp at least a week before the trip. From necessities such as tents, mattresses, tents, pots and pans, sleeping bags and flashlights to non essential ingredients, the list of things you will need for the trip is infinite. It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to taking extra gear for your trip.
  • Go for air mattresses with a sleeping bag on top to make a comfortable bed for yourself. A sleeping bag on its own may be hard on your joints and those with arthritis or other issues might find it very difficult to sleep without the air mattress.
  • Invest in the latest variety of tent camp available in the market for the sheer convenience with which you can put it up. Even those with bone or joint problems will need little assistance to open the tent.
  • Buy a large camp tent for comfort and convenience. The bigger size camp will help provide seniors with more comfort, while camping. They can store the camp with lanterns, mattresses and other things that they need.
  • Make sure that the campsite you select allows you to park your vehicle directly on the camping site. This is because certain camps may ask you to store your food in the car or truck. Covering long distances on foot to recover the foot items from the car or truck may be a hassle for senior campers.
  • Be completely prepared for a medical emergency and carry your medication kit along. Always bring the contact information of your personal physician with you. Inform your family members that you will be away on a camping trip, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • You will need to find a park that is more accommodating to your health needs and is mindful of your physical constraints. Try to find camping sites that have flatter trails and shorter distances to cover to reach a body of water for fishing and other recreational activities. Also, get in contact with the local park ranger to find out if there are any handicapped-accessible locations for the seniors who might need it.
  • Always prepare a medical kit, which will be essential for you in the event of any minor mishap during the camping. Among the must haves that every senior camper should have in his medical kit are bandages, sterile dressing pads, adhesive tapes, trauma scissors, pain relievers, flashlights, antiseptic towelettes, forceps and plenty of water.
  • Eating outdoors for a number of days could be a tricky business for the delicate digestive systems of the senior campers. Therefore, it’s important that you plan your meals accordingly for the entire trip. Make sure that you carry plenty of high energy snacks for the trip to keep you nourished and your energy levels intact. Keep your cooler filled with water and carry campfire foods such as hot dogs or fish that are not only easy to prepare but also nourishing. Make sure that you keep your surroundings clean by and always clean up after you cook food, so that you don’t attract unwanted animals.


Camping has many advantages for seniors as it is not a holiday that involves a lot of money.

With the right precautions taken, it is one of the most pleasurable holidays that seniors can indulge in, with the added bonus of allowing social interactions that are so pertinent for psychological and physical well being.

Camping Is Not Just For The Young!
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