Camping Security Tips That Work

Generally speaking, camping is a safe and enjoyable activity. But sometimes we hear of the misfortunes of other campers who got their gears and stuff stolen by thieves.

Fortunately, though, I haven’t experienced such misfortunes because I follow some camping security tips to make my camping activity as safe as possible.

These tips are important to me since I often go out of the tent to get the most out of the camping experience.

Most campers help each other in the camping area and have no intentions of stealing from their fellow campers but as the old saying goes “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

So check out these camping tips and tricks and see how they can make you feel more secure during your camping trip

Tent And Personal Safety

Tent and Personal Safety

  • Don’t set your tent in a very visible place – thieves roaming around the area will most likely notice your tent if it is highly exposed
  • Set your tent near an area where people walk fairly often although not beside the main road. Settle in an area where thieves have a chance of becoming disturbed. You have to put potential thieves off to prevent them from stealing your stuff
  • Have a small radio play quietly inside the tent every time you go out to make it appear that somebody is inside the tent
  • The majority of campers are friendly towards each other. Be friendly with other campers and hopefully they will appreciate the gesture and look after your well-being too. It will also enable you to recognize potential outsiders roaming around the area easily
  • A heavy duty torch like Maglite can add more security while you are checking for any noise.You can find a range of torch like Maglite on Amazon.

Keeping Your Stuff Safe

safe camping

  • Don’t leave valuable gear or clothing drying outside, overnight or when you are going out
  • Bicycles must be locked to a telephone pole, tree, and vehicle or set to immobile within the tent as much as possible. For additional security, you can set a laptop alarm to sound once it is moved
  • Don’t leave valuable items exposed outside the tent while you’re away. Conceal them as much as possible and lock them inside the trunk of your car or in any safe place. Potential thieves cannot steal something they can’t see
  • If you are camping near a secure fence or big tree, you can keep important items such as coolers secured to the trunk or root with a bicycle lock. You can purchase stainless steel nets, wrap it around your stuff and secure with a lock while you’re camping.You can find a variety of stainless steel nets here
  • While it is safe to assume that the other campers want safety as much as you do, it is still better to keep an eye on your valuables when in the company of other campers outside or inside your tent. Don’t leave electronic gadgets and jewelry lying around and put them in your bag or pocket

Points To Remember

  • Do not lock the tent if you are inside it at night. It’s not only ineffective; it will also prevent you from escaping fast in case of a fire
  • A tent that is tightly shut indicates that you are going out for the entire day. Don’t lock your tent too much.Here’s more information about fire safety while camping
  • You may have heard tales of determined thieves who slash the sides of certain models tents with interior pockets inside. Obviously, you don’t want to leave your valuables in so vulnerable a spot, even if it’s inside the tent while you are sleeping
  • In hiding your valuables inside your campsite, don’t just pick any spot. Find a good spot to conceal your stuff. Think of areas that nobody would look such as folds or pockets inside your sleeping bag
  • If you possess something of very high value, it is always best practice to leave it at home. If you have to bring it, though, then be sure to keep it out of sight. And the safest place for such stuff is with you – inside your pocket.If you can’t do this all the time; like if you’re going for a swim and have to take off your Rolex watch, then it is best to lock it inside the trunk of your car or a safe inside your RV


Just like anything else in life, it is best to be safe than sorry while camping. You want to focus on enjoying your camping trip and worry less about getting your stuff stolen. The tips mentioned above should give you that extra peace of mind.

Again, while you can always find a safe place for stuff with great value, it is best just to leave them at home. You won’t need them for the camping trip anyway. And you are still the best source of security; always keep your eyes open for potential thieves.

Have you experienced theft on a camping trip? If you have, then you may have other tips to share. Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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