15 Car Camping Essentials For The Avid Traveller

Camping is a great activity to do and a fun thing to have with the family. But things can be a bit challenging if you’re camping with your car and not something bigger like an RV. But don’t worry because, in this post, we’re going to show you how to go camping with your car.

Car camping is essentially just about packing your car, use your angle fridge and set up a camp kitchen. The stuff you need to bring and how to pack them in your car are listed here.

So read on...

1. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag​

For backpacking, you can bring light and warm sleeping bags.

The ones we presently have are not sold any longer, but here are updated models you can find on Amazon. A

nd if you never wanted to backpack, because the weight will not be a big problem, the sleeping bags are nice and rated at a more sensible price.

Tip: For couples who like to cuddle during night time, you could choose a double sleeper!

2. Inflatable Mattress

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress for Camping

Tour mat and sleeping bag may be comfortable, but if you are sleeping on the ground, it’ll still be chilly! Instead of acquiring a pad, you just can select an air mattress that makes your tent truly comfortable. It’s we use.

Tip: Do not forget to bring along a power adapter and extension cable, so you merely can fill it up using your car.

3. Tent

camping tent

Even though backpacking tents are adorable, it is far from perfect for car camping. And you can’t even bring your packs in with you because the tent is so tiny. But for car camping, there are cheaper four-person tents that will fit in your pump-up queen mattress!

Tip: Acquire a tent that is one or two sizes larger to enjoy more space. Our 4 person tent perfectly fits our inflatable mattress, our backpacks, and a few items.

4. Daypack

You do not require a huge backpack for car camping, yet it is nice to bring a tiny one if you go out hiking. Many campers utilize the REI Flash 18 Pack for short excursions and day hikes.

Tip: Backpacks have to fit your body type and build. This is the mere item I wouldn’t recommend you purchase online. You have to put them on yourself. The folks at REI are good at telling you how to locate the proper backpack and how to pack it right.

5. Water

Using Water Filtered Bottle

You may want to utilize items like the Platypus SoftBottle Water Bottles as it rolls up once you are done with it.

You need to have a couple of spare for friends. And in case you have to filter water, the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier is available as well. It works just like a french press.

Therefore, you do not need to squeeze, pump, or wait. They have various filtration levels that apply to what you need.

See also: Best Backpacking Water Filter For Outdoors And Backcountry.

Tip: If you are like me and do not like water, bring a few Powerade drops to add flavor! And if you have ever witnessed idiocracy.. I’m the fated future.

6. Food

camping food

Whenever you aren’t car camping, if you are not hanging out at a local shop or restaurant, you can opt for bacon breakfast and hearty eggs or consume a Shin cup ramen or Lasagna Mountain House for dinners. 

Also, you can bring common road trip snacks such as brown bears, and s’mores,!

Tip: If you do not want to go seeking sticks in nature, do not forget to bring along reusable s’mores sticks.

7. Cookware and Stove

You make use of a Jetboil to prepare your instant noodles and Mountain House meals because it boils water fast! If you intend on cooking more, then you will need another cookware.

Also, if you have gone camping with pals who have carried their full stoves that would be nicer when you are cooking for larger groups.

Tip: If you need to have morning coffee, then you can utilize an AeroPress although it pairs seamlessly with a Jetboil while camping as well.

8. Illumination (Flashlight or Headlamp)

 Illumination (Flashlight or Headlamp)

Nobody likes bugs, and you may not like a lante

rn. But if you stick with the light from the campfire and such headlamps, you can easily get inside the tent or walk towards the bathroom.

Tip: If you are looking at obtaining a lantern, then you can acquire one that’s solar charged or one that charges your phone or other USB devices.

9. Knife

Knives are very useful around the campsite. And we’ve yet to include one to our collection since we frequently camp with pals that have one, yet we are looking into getting one next month.

We have been arguing between a one-blade knife and a multi-tool that takes in a knife. Thoughts?

10. First-Aid Materials

First-Aid Materials

You never know what is going to occur while you are outdoors, so be certain to bring a first-aid kit.

It’s an excellent lightweight kit great for two people up to four days.

Tip: After purchasing a kit, refill what you utilize instead of purchasing a new one once more.

11. Toiletries (Bug Spray and Sun Block)

Bring along your toothbrushes, a tiny tube of toothpaste, and some toilet paper within a Ziploc bag. And for other liquids (conditioner, body wash, shampoo), you utilize our portable tools, which are reliable and don’t leak. Do not forget sun block and bug repellent!

Tip: To save space, simply take out the toilet paper’s cardboard portion and flatten it. And if you do not need the entire roll, you can even roll up part of the toilet paper.

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12. Camp Chair

Camp Chair

Camping chairs are vital for sitting or resting around the campsite. And you can have a bigger chair that you can merely stowaway in the car. You may also love to rest on tinier and super lightweight chairs, depending on the situation.

13. Rain Shell

Even if the weather may state that it will be sunny and clear, it never really hurts to be utterly prepared. You may like Patagonia Torrentshells because they’re light. You can make use of them whenever you travel because they do not take up too much space.

Tip: It isn’t built to be packed this way, yet you can place the whole jacket into one pocket for simple storage.

14. Fire Starter

Fire Starter

One favorite of mine about camping is a campfire's smell.

Lighting a fire requires a flint or matches. You can use both, although matches are certainly easier than the flint.

Tip: Do not forget to get wood before arriving at your campsite. Occasionally an onsite shop will sell them, or you will see houses that sell firewood along the way.

15. Food Storage

Not every camping site has its bear-proof storage vessels, so it is good to bring one. Never leave your foodstuff or scented hygiene things in the vehicle either, as bears will certainly break into your vehicle.

There are bear-proof containers that are a 2-in-1 vessel that keeps perishable food, drinks cold as well as keeps the big bears out! It came in various sizes and built tough. Also, you can purchase the bear canister individually, but make certain that it can fit your food, garbage, and anything that’s scented.

Check out this video to see how campers pack their car for camping:

Final Thoughts

You need to bring a lot of stuff while camping and storage systems are a great idea and there are a lot of different ones available in the market that you can buy. In packing your car, you’d like to keep things easily accessible when you need it.

Another important thing to remember is that car maintenance should be part of your list of most important things.

When on a car camping trip therefore, don’t forget to bring essential automotive tools for any kind of maintenance you need to do along the way.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have other car camping essentials that you’d like to add?

If you have, then feel free to share them in the comments. And if you’re camping with folks, share this post with them - they might find it useful too. Happy Camping!

15 Car Camping Essentials For The Avid Traveller
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