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What Is An MRE Anyway?

What is an MRE? For survivalists and military personnel, this particular amenity is a must-have. It can determine the survival of a person if SHTF situations kick in.

However, many are still oblivious to what MREs are and what function they perform. In this guide, I will have to elaborate the very essence of MREs and why everyone, even those that are not preppers, must acquire them. Let's get started.​

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How Long Do MREs Last? – A Survivalist Guide

Having an MRE is quite important, especially in these times of uncertainties. It can become your lifeline once disaster and emergency situation strike.

MRE or "Meal Ready to Eat" is a comprehensive food supply package that a person can consume once the regular access for foodstuff is not available. It can be said that one MRE represents a single meal. Therefore, having three MREs signify that you satisfy the prescribed three meals per day regimen.​

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6 Delicious Dutch Oven Recipes For A Wonderful Campfire Meal

Are you a fan of Dutch oven? If you are, then this post is for you. There are some wonderful properties that make using Dutch ovens a very good idea. The first thing to know is that there are various delicious recipes that you can prepare with it.

Dutch ovens are cast iron cookware and provide a great means to make a campfire meal as an alternative to a grill during your camping journey. I know you’re excited to see what’s going to be cooking in your next camping trip so let’s get right into it.​

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What Are Delicious Dehydrated Refried Beans?

Did I just mention dehydrated refried beans? Then you must be thinking...what is that? First of all, theyare named dehydrated refried beans - they taste very good too. Aside from that, dehydrated refriedbeans also have tons of benefits for everyone.

Now, how in the world, you might say, can it be beneficial for someone like me? In this post, we willanswer the question of what dehydrate refried beans are and how they can be beneficial to you –especially when you’re going outdoors.

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10 Delectable Vegan Camping Food For Your Wild Outings

Its camping season and you are ready with your family to escape the conveniences of home and havesome adventure. This does not mean however that you are going to skimp on your food and eat bakedbeans from a can.

If you are a vegan, the usual camping affair is really going to give you some break because campingusually means hot dogs, freshly caught fish and hamburgers. You can enjoy nature by eating good, plant-based food as well and tasting tons of delicious, headache free vegan camping food while you areoutdoors.

Cooking outdoors can be definitely a bit challenging with all the bugs, wind and camp stoves, but it doesnot mean that the meal is not going to be delicious. To have a lot of time outdoors, prepare your mealsin advance by cutting the vegetables before and measuring spices.

Try to concentrate on meals that do not use a lot of pots when you cook to save water and time whileyou do the dishes.

You can also consider making snacks and treats while at home so you'll be sure that you have good, healthy food when you are travelling, in camp or out in the trail. Here are a few hearty and healthyvegetarian meals that you can provide for your family in order to nourish them with the energy thatthey need so you could enjoy your camping adventures.

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How To Dehydrate Chicken: Tips And Methods

Hikers and backpackers frequently bring dehydrated foods on their adventures in the wild because of the low weight and mass of dehydrated foods. Dehydration allows food preservation by getting rid of the moisture in it.

The food environment isn’t conducive for the bacterial growth when moisture is eliminated. Vegetables, fruits, and meats can be dehydrated and don’t need refrigeration. Chicken meat can be seasoned as wanted and dehydrated in jerky or dried form. Having chicken as part of your outdoor meal would make a huge difference.

In this post, we will teach you how to dehydrate chicken. While there may be several ways to dehydrate chicken, we want to keep things simple by focusing on the basics while giving you a couple of other unique options at the same time.

So keep reading!​

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Long Term Quality Food Storage – The Best Freeze Dried Foods

There has never been a better time to build up your food storage what with the hazards that threatenfood deliveries such as extreme weather, heat, fire, flooding and civil strife.

Freeze dried meals are conventional favorites when it comes to emergency preparedness food, howevernew options could make freeze dried foods a good choice for everyday meals.​

We have been tasting and testing and also reading labels for over a year now, experimenting with allkinds of brands of ready to eat foods. We have documented our top choices for the best freeze driedfoods. (For those who have been waiting for us to be done with our testing, thank you for yourpatience!)​

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The Best Popcorn Kernels For Making Popcorn

Homemade popcorn is a favorite snack of mine, but I have encountered several types of kernels that either didn’t taste good or pop well. To make popcorn, I mostly use an air popper, but from time to time, I make it with hot oil on the stove.

I want my popcorn kernels work for me, especially when I’m going out on a camping trip. I may need popcorn quick and enjoy the activity and I don’t want to waste my time with the bad brands – they will only ruin the excitement.

Sometimes, I make homemade, microwave popcorn. But instead of guessing and hoping for the best every time I seek out the best popcorn kernels, I choose to conduct some research and explore which kernels are excellent for making popcorns.

The things that I discovered have already saved me cash on popcorn that doesn’t taste good or pop well. I think this post can help you the moment you choose to make popcorn for a tasty and healthy snack for yourself, your family, or friends in a camping trip.

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