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How To Beat 5 Common Fears Before Your First Hike

Hiking is a fun and sometimes challenging activity that has many health benefits for you, such as giving you the chance to get some exercise into your day. If you’ve never been on a hike, it can be a frightening experience, especially if you aren’t fit or well acquainted with the outdoors. Here’s how to tackle some common hiking fears.

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3 Helpful Tactics To Use When Camping In Remote Areas That You Need To Know

Camping is exciting, fun and full of surprises. I just had mine a few months ago and it was an amazingly wonderful experience. Well, true, it was a little bit dangerous and exhausting but at the same time a good exercise. I felt happy and energized inside.Camping in remote areas is not a joke with just ourselves to rely on. But a friend that was with us who knows about the place gave me a reason not to worry. I brought along my camera to take pictures in the scenery as we passed by. I tell you, not everything goes as planned, but at the end, we all just laughed about it.

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Top Deer Hunting Spots In The USA

Americans are starting to get out in nature in higher numbers, spending increased periods of time hunting and fishing according to a report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Every year, up to 16 million individuals will hunt in one form or another, ranging from seniors all the way down to children younger than 16. Hunting has enjoyed a lot of success in America, both amongst locals and tourists, with its popularity not looking to dwindle anytime soon. Apart from the growing trend amongst Americans to spend time in nature, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to the future of hunting.

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10 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Gear For Hiking

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities among adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers and fitness freaks alike. You can disconnect from daily life, push yourself physically and enjoy the sights and sounds of natural surroundings for a few days or even a few hours, whatever you can spare!

No matter whether you’re heading to exotic destinations for an extended trip or exploring local hiking spots over the weekend, the right gear can make a huge difference to your comfort and safety. While you don’t want to carry too much equipment, it’s a good idea to load up on basic supplies that will make your trip easier.

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Best Way to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping – 10 Tips You Need to Know

Don’t let these tiny bloodsuckers ruin your summer camping. The country has experienced a lot of rainfall in some areas this year. Although some people love the moisture, it does attract some unwanted tiny creatures - mosquitoes. These tiny bloodsuckers live in areas with dense shade and vegetation.

It looks like your campsite is an inviting place for them. Getting bitten by a mosquito is annoying and the resulting bites are uncomfortable. Don’t let these bloodsuckers get in your way, read this post and learn how to control mosquitoes while camping.​

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Why Hikers Spend A Small Fortune On Boots

Anyone who loves getting out to hike knows that good quality boots are essential for this hobby. The right choice of footwear can be the difference between having nasty blistered feet after each walk and keeping them in good condition.

Indeed, a keen hiker may consider spending a good sum of money on their boots to be a smart long-term investment. There are some very good reasons why people who walk a lot decide that paying a small fortune on boots makes perfect sense.

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4 Tips When Choosing A Portable Camping Grill

Camping is not just about the amazing scenery you get to enjoy, the time you get to spend with your loved ones and how you can connect with nature. No, camping is also about the amazing camping food you can eat! There is just nothing better than enjoying a few grilled ribs while watching the sun go down on a lake or grilling your freshly caught fish with some asparagus.

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Best Fishing Gear For A Camping Trip

While camping is an adventure in itself, how much more fun is it to go fishing while on that camping trip? Preparing for that trip is especially important.

You don’t want to get out in the middle of the wilderness and forget a critical piece of equipment that was needed. Follow our simple guide to find the best fishing gear for your camping trip.​

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