What Are Delicious Dehydrated Refried Beans?

Did I just mention dehydrated refried beans? Then you must be thinking...what is that? First of all, theyare named dehydrated refried beans - they taste very good too. Aside from that, dehydrated refriedbeans also have tons of benefits for everyone.

Now, how in the world, you might say, can it be beneficial for someone like me? In this post, we willanswer the question of what dehydrate refried beans are and how they can be beneficial to you –especially when you’re going outdoors.


General Description​

What Are Dehydrated Refried Beans?

When you hear the word dehydrated, what usually comes to your mind? You might think of dehydratedas a bad word which means harmful or not very nutritious as the fresh types. Those who think thatdehydrated food means not healthy food do not know what they talk about.

Dehydrated food is not just healthy, it is perfectly healthy and in most cases, healthier for you comparedto canned or bottled food.

Now, what comes to your mind when you hear the word "refried"? You would maybe lose interestimmediately, especially nowadays when most people are trying to minimize eating fried foods. The truthis, dehydrated refried beans do not necessarily mean frying beans.​

What is done to the beans is that they are soaked first in water, mashed and then fried in lard.​

When it comes to dehydrated refried beans, it is a general procedure that after you dehydrate thebeans, they’re then flaked and then flavored with a bit of salt. It’s surely not fried using lard or whateverkind of oil. Through this way, the tasty flavor of the beans is preserved without really placing it inundesirable cholesterol.

Check out this video to get a closer look at Dehydrated Refried Beans:​

The Uses of Dehydrated Refried Beans

  • Rehydrates easily for a meal any place and any time
  • Good for emergency food storage, outdoor and camping use or an easy to prepare quick meal
  • Tested with quality for taste as well as long term keeping
  • Helps you in many preparations
  • Packaged and prepared for long time shelf life in a sealed #10 can that has an oxygen absorber andrecyclable plastic lid
  • Has only two ingredients: salt and pinto beans.

Dehydrated Refried Beans Products

There are only a few kinds of dehdyrated refried beans available out there in the market, and they couldbe a little bit difficult to find.​

Honeyville's Refried Bean Flakes​

Honeyville's Refried Bean Flakes are an amazingly healthy food source for situations of emergency. Flavor-rich and loaded with protein, iron, fiber, and calcium refried beans are any person's favorite. Theyare also quite simple to cook, and refried bean flakes take only a few minutes to make.

The innovative and simple staple food is a very good addition to your long time food keeping needs.Honeyville Refried Bean Flakes are really good when you're talking about long time food keeping as wellas emergency preparation.​

Emergency Essentials​

Emergency Essentials is famous for great quality, value, flavor and long-time shelf life. EmergencyEssentials Dehydrated Refried Beans are prepared for long time storage, so you could use them today orin the coming years.

They are very nutritious and flexible additions to your food storage for the emergency. You could alsouse them to create a lot of your favorite Mexican food. Emergency Essentials Dehydrated Refried Beansare easy to use and could be ready quickly in about 5 minutes.

They are very good sources of protein, dietary fiber, and a great source iron. Every can have around 25servings. Its net weight is 40 oz.

Taste Adventure​

Home Styled Tasty Refried Beans - just additional boiling water and in 5 mins Taste Adventure RefriedBeans will be completely cooked and prepared to eat. Beans are wholly sorted, washed, soaked andthen cooked in the way you would do it in your kitchen.

Once the beans are set for eating, they’re then dried carefully and flaked in order to lock into thefullness of the flavor and the freshness. The Taste Adventure Refried Beans remains a side dish to goalong with your favorite Mexican food delicacies.

They could also be utilized in many easy and quick recipes like burritos, tostadas, spreads, vegetablesoups, bread, bean dips, tostada pizza and a lot more. They are very tasty, easy and nutritious toprepare that you would always look for instant Taste Adventure Refried Beans.


I can attest to the many benefits of dehydrated refried beans as a long time fan of this food. Personally, Iprefer to make use of them as the main element for preparing soup. You could also use them in the dipor spread for enchiladas and burritos.

Of all three, my favorite brand is Taste Adventure - I like the flavor and you would so too because this isone of the most famous brands. You could have Provident Pantry’s dehydrated refried beans.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones.​

What Are Delicious Dehydrated Refried Beans?
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