What is The Most Durable Luggage Brand

What Is The Most Durable Luggage Brand

Have you ever sat in a  hotel room trying to fix the broken latch on a suitcase, or worse in the airport? Do you find yourself having to force the zipper closure on your carry-on bag? It’s frustrating when luggage fails. If you’re a frequent traveler, you need luggage you can count on.

Good luggage such as the best louis vuitton bag last for years. In some cases, you may even be able to pass it along to your kids. The trick, of course, is finding luggage that is durable enough to endure the rigors of travel.

In this article, you’ll learn what to look for when you shop for luggage. We’ll also review some great pieces of luggage that are known for their durability.

Which Kind of Travelers Need a Durable Suitcase?

First, not every traveler needs to worry about durability. For example, if you only fly a couple of times each year, a set of budget priced luggage is probably all you need. This should last for several years.

On the other hand, if you accumulate a lot of frequent flyer miles, then you probably need something that stands up to a bit of abuse. If you travel for business, travel internationally, or simply make frequent domestic flights just for pleasure, you deserve luggage that will last through all of your adventures. Think of luggage as an investment. Wouldn’t your rather buy something that lasts, rather than something that must be replaced every year or two?

Still not convinced you need some robust luggage? Checkout review of it luggage, sling backpack review and the waterproof backpack reviews but before doing so, take a moment to consider what your suitcase goes through after you’ve checked it. Baggage handlers must get dozens of suitcases into the bellies of planes each day. They have to do their jobs quickly to ensure that your flights take off on time. This means that even the most careful handlers get a bit rough with your luggage. Now, imagine that treatment happening over and over again. That is the life of your luggage. 

How to Shop For Durable Luggage

The Most Durable Luggage Brand

Before you buy your next suitcase, check out these helpful tips for ensuring you buy luggage that will last.

Check The Wheels First

Today, most suitcases come with wheels attached unlike carry-on garment bag. That’s great! It makes moving from one end of the airport to the other that much easier. Of course, that’s only if your suitcase makes it with all of its wheels attached. If you plan on buying a suitcase, take a close look at the wheels. Make sure they are firmly attached, and that they roll smoothly.

Before you buy, you should strongly consider a two wheel suitcase instead of a four wheeler. With two-wheeled luggage, the wheels are usually recessed, and less prone to breaking off during handling.

Double Check The Zippers For Strength

A good zipper will hold your suitcase securely closed in transit. It also makes it easier to open and close your luggage. More importantly, a good zipper is your first line of defense against theft. Have you invested in a good lock to secure your luggage? You should, but be aware that your lock won’t help you if your zipper can be breached with a ballpoint pen or knitting needle. Look for a heavy duty zipper that secures tightly.

Test The Handle For Comfort And Strength

Nothing on your luggage is subject to more stress than the handle. Even rolling luggage needs a durable handle. Make sure yours is securely attached. If you buy a suitcase with a retractable handle, be certain that the movement is smooth. If you have to push or jerk on your handle, it’s bound to break sooner than later.

Material Matters

When you shop for luggage, you’ll find suitcases that come in one of two categories. These are hard and soft. There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing each type. To know all details read our hard versus soft luggage comparison. Hard bodied suitcases are better at protecting the contents of your luggage. It’s also going to be more water resistant than soft case luggage. On the other hand, soft luggage can take more abuse during handling, and turn out unscathed. Too much rough treatment, and your hard shell luggage is likely to be a bit scuffed.

5 Most Durable Suitcases And Other Luggage

Most Durable Luggage Brand

Ready for some product recommendations? Here are five of the most durable pieces of luggage available today.

  1. Skyway Sigma 6.0 Rolling Garment Bag

The Sigma 6.0 is made of a highly durable polyester that’s resistant to both abrasions and poor weather conditions. In addition to this, it is one of the best skyway luggage that has a telescoping handle that can be retracted into the case for safer handling, and less risk of damage. At the bottom, the bag has protective foot studs. Finally, it comes with lockable zippers for extra security.

  1. Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider

This hard-shell, rolling suitcase is made from exceptionally durable polycarbonate. In addition to this, the Samsonite Stryde Hardside Glider has corner guards to protect against bumps and drops. The wheel system is contains hardened steel ball bearings. The final noteworthy component as mentioned in samsonite luggage review is a TSA combination lock that is recessed into the suitcase.

  1. Flieks Luggage 3-Piece With TSA Lock

These durable suitcases are made with a lightweight SBA material. This will provide users with both longevity and durability. The TSA lock provides additional security, and the warranty provided ensures that the luggage will be repaired or replaced. The Flieks Luggage 3-Piece is also perfect for transporting fragile items.

  1. Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable

The Delsey Helium is made of polycarbonate, a material that is known for its durability and its resistance to breaking or cracking. It comes with double spinner wheels that help to ensure smooth motion, and that leads to less wear and tear. The TSA lock is recessed, and has been placed on the side of the suitcase for an added level of security.

  1. Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece ABS With TSA Lock

The final item is the Merax Travelhouse 3 Piece made from ABS. This is a material that is known for being both lightweight and durable. The telescoping handle is made from aluminum which is virtually indestructible. Finally, the warranty ensure repair or replacement.

Final Thoughts: Caring For Your Luggage to Enhance Longevity

Durable Luggage Brands

The better you care for your luggage, the longer it will last, and the better it will resist damage. That begins with keeping your luggage as clean as possible. Hard case luggage can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Just be sure to rinse, and dry your luggage completely before you stow it. 

To clean soft luggage use a diluted soap, and a soft bristled brush. Don’t saturate the fabric. You just need enough liquid on the brush to create a bit of a lather. Wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of the lather. Leave open to dry in a sunny place. You can also use a hair dryer.

If you invest in leather luggage, you’ll need to take extra care. Use creams or cleaners specifically made for leather. Follow the instructions carefully. 

Once your suitcase is clean, you can take other steps to keep it in top condition. These include:

  • Vacuuming any debris from your suitcase before you put it away.

  • Storing your luggage neatly.

  • Investing in luggage covers.

  • Inspecting wheels and zippers regularly.

Finally, the most important thing you can do is to purchase luggage that is appropriate for your lifestyle and travel habits.

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