Essential Camping Gear For Beginners: 10 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Go inside the camping stores, and you will be blown away by the different varieties of supplies and equipment available. You may end up buying more gear than you need. If you’re a stranger in the camping gear world, you are prone to wasting money on stuff that looks fancy but is actually useless for your camping activity.

To help you prevent wasting money and buying stuff you don’t need, we’ve highlighted in this post ten of an essential camping gear for beginners. As long as you have this equipment, you should be good to go on your camping trip.

10 Essential Camping Gear For Beginners

1. High Quality, Waterproof Tent

High Quality, Waterproof Tent

This is a camping gear you need to be sure of because it’s no fun spending your time inside a cramped or wet tent.

Figure out the number of people who would be staying inside a tent. If it’s a four-man tent, then it means you should only have three adults to enjoy the tent’s space. As a beginner, it would be best if you choose a tent that is easy to set up and store.

Your tent must also be capable of withstanding the conditions in which you will be exposing it to. If you can find one that allows you to stand up inside, then that would add convenience when you’re moving around, changing clothes or forced to stay inside because of the weather.

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2. Lighting


If you’re new to camping, then the dark wilderness may be a strange and a bit scary to you. Spend some time thinking about the kind of lighting you want to set around your site and how to power it up.

Don’t depend on campfires alone for your light source. Campfires may be lovely, but they can only provide light in a very limited range - just around the fire itself. Such light won’t be helpful if you’re far from it like when you’re going to the toilet.

There’s a wide variety of lighting choices available in the market – battery operated, dual fuel, gas, electric, LED - and you can choose one which will best suit your needs. So don’t just choose any product. Do your homework and make the perfect choice for your specific needs.

You must include headlamps in your list. These are crucial items to bring every time you go around the campsite with the family. Get the best and the brightest brand you can afford; it would be worth the investment.

3. Shovel


You’ll be utilizing this every time you’re clearing the campsite, setting in the tent pegs, fixing fire embers or logs, digging holes, or squashing giant spiders. If you want to build a temporary toilet along the bushes, then the shovel would come in handy.

Use a sturdy and quality one. You’d be amazed at how often you’d find a use of this equipment.

4. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Be sure to bring a complete kit, updated with different important items like band aids, insect repellent, and all the important treatment substances. If you’re bringing children along the trip, then you might need some of these items along the way.

If you are camping in snake season, remember a pressure immobilization bandage is worthwhile having in your kit.

5. Bedding


Buying the best bedding, you can buy would do you a lot of good during the camping trip. There are self-inflating stretchers, sleeping bags, and mattresses that are fantastic for camping. You may want a camping stretcher if you are considering lying close to the ground.

Here is great information about electric blankets if you want one of these​.

6. Portable Cooler

Food is supposed to be cold and must be kept cold if you don’t want to be sick. Purchase a portable cooler with excellent insulation and know that party ice in services stations doesn't last beyond 24 hours.

So plan ahead of time and freeze some ice inside a big plastic bottle - juice containers and old milk cartons would do. Don’t allow your kids to mess with the cooler unless it’s necessary.

7. One Dependable Cooking Item

One dependable Cooking Item

Whatever means of cooking you choose, be sure it’s dependable. There’s a side selection of cooking stoves/devices for several camping scenarios but a good and stove - and one which the experts say would serve the family on a camping trip best - is a double burner camping stove.

Search for a cooking item that can be used and set up quickly is various ways. Do not depend on campfires because they may not always be available. If you’re going to go for campfire though, then there are easy campfire recipes that you can try out.

Campfire meals are delicious although we recommend that you maintain a backup.

8. Folding Table

Folding Table

We’ve discovered this to be a very important part of your camping activity. It is a simple and affordable investment although they can also be handy. Some campsites even have their chair/table set up, and that is fantastic although it’s best to have your table throughout the trip.

You can use the table for meal time, holding camping equipment, and even put items on it to make your tent more spacious. It may seem like a luxury item, but it has many uses. Chairs are also quite helpful. There is no need for you to hurry up and purchase high-tech chairs. Take your time exploring the different varieties before purchasing one that best suits your needs.

9. Washing Up Tub

Unless your items are environmentally friendly and disposable, then you will need to wash them up after use - especially the kitchen utensils. A washing tub would do, and you don’t need something very fancy like a collapsible bucket.

Here’s an example of a washing up tub on this video:

10. Other Essentials

Tactical Pen​

Tactical pens are among the best innovations made for people of several professions. You may be a Special Forces unit, a policeman, soldier, hunter or camper; you will need something to not only defend yourself but anything that a tactical pen can help you with.

While you are not allowed to carry a full-size weapon (like a knife) in some places – like inside the mall, you can carry a tactical pen in your pocket anytime and anywhere. You’ll never know when a tactical pen can help you effectively get out of an emergency situation.

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Tactical Knives​

Tactical Knives​

Tactical knives are cutting tools designed to be useful during extreme conditions. It may possess one or multiple features and can be utilized as a combat weapon. But it was mainly designed as a utility tool; not a combat weapon.

So you can use a tactical knife for several tasks like cutting rope, peeling or piercing something. It is likely that would be cutting or piercing stuff during the camping trip, and a tactical knife would prove useful.


Those are the ten essential camping gears for beginners. All those gears are important, but my favorite is the tactical pen and knife. Having those gears inside my pocket or backpack makes me feel more secured.

You can add on to the list in time, but these gears should set you off to a good start. The list applies best for groups or families although they are also applicable to individuals who are new to the camping world.​

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Essential Camping Gear For Beginners: 10 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without
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  1. My husband and I are getting ready for our first camping trip as a couple, and we are wanting to make sure that we have everything that we will need. One suggestion you made that I like is that when we pick out the cooking supplies that we want things that can be set up quickly and used in various ways. That way we can make our meals quickly and be able to clean it up fast, that way we can spend more time in nature. Thanks for the help!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning the importance of getting a medic kit when buying camping gear. It makes sense that taking the time to think about the health of the people you will be spending this time with can help you make the most of it and have fun while in nature. My wife and I are planning our first camping trip with our kids and want to make sure we have all that we need to have as much fun as we can, so I’m glad I found your post.

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