6 Essential Fishing Gear For Beginners

You’re all set for another exciting outdoor trip and expecting to experience your first memorable fishing activity. If you’re going to fish though, you need to make sure you have all the essential fishing gear for beginners.

What do you need to get started? The good news is that you will find six essential fishing gears for beginners in this post. You can find many of these gears in your local or online stores like Amazon or your sporting goods store.

1. Poles And Rods

Fishing Poles and Rods


There is no finer and more exact method of fishing with baits than with a pole. Because the pole tip can be positioned upwind or even directly above the float, the bait can be eased through the swim at current speed or held back and swung enticingly up from the bottom at any time during the trot-through.

Fly Rods

Fly rods are available in many designs, lengths, and strengths to perform a wide range of tasks in a variety of conditions. Always choose a rod with care, basing your decision precisely on what is expected of it. And for optimum performance, it is vital to ensure that the line matches the rating indicated on the rod.

Freshwater Rods

The vast majority of freshwater rods are now made from carbon fibre. Short, inexpensive models in solid glass are sold as youngster’s rods, and at the beginner and budget-price end of the market hollos, fibreglass rods are extremely popular.

There is also a small market for built-cane (fly rods in particular), one of the most popular rod-building material.

Float Rods

Also referred to as match or bottom rods, float rods are available from 11 ft to 15 ft long. Most come in three sections of equal length and are capable of dealing with lines ranging from 1 1/3 lb to 4lb test. The most useful rod is a 13-footer with a waggler-style snappy yet forgiving action unless you fish regularly in depths of 12 ft plus, when a 14 ft or even 15 ft rod is advisable.

Spinning Rods

Rod choice in this department depends upon the kind of reel being used. Short, American-style, trigger-grip handle baitcasters, for instance, just 5 1/2 - 7 ft long, can only be used with baby multipliers (Reels), as can the long 9-11 ft salmon spinning rods, which incorporate a trigger grip immediately below the reel seat for the forefinger to go around.

2. Lines

Fishing Lines

Braided Fly Casts And Loops

Braided fly casts are made from monofilament and are available in floating (for dry fly fishing), sinking, fast-sinking, neutral density and heavyweight formats suitable for all game fish. These supple casts turn over superbly and are particularly hard wearing.

Braided Hook Lengths

To minimize refusals from the most suspicious crap, braided hooklengths are used for their suppleness and abrasion-resistant properties. These are generally available in breaking strains of 5-25 lb and have an incredibly fine diameter.

Fly Lines

There are two ways to manufacture a modern fly. There are American origins derived from PVC plastisol methods and those manufactured in other places like the UK manufactured with extruded PVC and controlled by a computer.


Despite enormous improvements in woven lines, monofilament continues to be the automatic choice of anglers. Some brands are more abrasion resistant than others and therefore more suitable to the rigours of lure fishing, beach fishing, or presenting the bait over the pinnacles.

3. Hooks

fishing hooks

Being the vital link connecting a fisherman to his fish, this, the smallest and very often the cheapest item of tackle, becomes the most important of all.

Hook choice depends on both the type of bait being used and the size of fish expected. For instance, a single maggot will not look or behave naturally impaled on a size 4 hook, even if its inner juices remain intact.

Hooks are available in a variety of finishes and in a choice of carbon or stainless-steel wire. Carbon-steel wire can then be bronzed, blued, nickel-plated, cadmium-plated or blackened and so on. Particular colours are also available, such as the bright red, extremely fine-wire, spade-end hooks produced especially for the delicate presentation of bloodworms.

4. Bite Indicators And Accessories

Bite Indicators and Accessories for Fishing

These indicators, which clip onto the line between butt ring and reel and are retained by a Dacron or fly-line cord fixed to the front rod rest, are an indispensable item in the ledger fisherman’s kit. They are available in easy-to-see, daytime colours.

The tenpin bobbin, for example, is fluorescent red and comes ready fitted with a Dacron retaining cord. There are also special night-time models. The famous ‘glo bobbin’ contains a 300-microfilambert, luminous betalight element set into a transparent body.

It will last for many years and provides round-the-clock bite indication. Bobbins are especially effective for use in slow-moving rivers and all still waters, particularly when ledgering at a distance.

5. Plummet

fishing Plummets

The plummet is used for determining water depth for flat fishing and for ascertaining depths in previously unfished water. Plummets are made from brass or non-toxic metal and come in two shapes. The classic bell-shaped plummet has a flat bottom into which a small cube of cork is glued.

To attach the plummet, thread the hook through a ring in the top and push the hook point gently into the cork. The Little Nipper plummet comes in two halves, held together with a strong spring. It can either be nipped around the hook or around the lowest shot for lying on or presenting the lift method.

The inside of the rounded end is hollowed out to take shot up to SSG in size.

6. Live, Dead, And Artificial Baits

Fishing Live, Dead, and Artificial Baits

Live Baits - Minnow, Stone Loach, Bullheads And Sticklebacks

These small, freshwater naturals are easily gathered in the shallows with a fine-mesh aquarium net for presenting, either float-fished or ledgered, to chub, trout, perch and zander. Stone loach and bullheads are found by turning over large pieces of flint on the bottom, while minnows can be caught in a home-made wine-bottle minnow trap.

Knock out the inverted funnel at the base of a champagne bottle and fix a piece of cloth over the neck with an elastic band. Then tie the cord around each end and join to a long pole or extending landing net handle.

Pop a few bread scraps into the bottle, lower it with a neck pointing upstream on the gravelly shallows where winnows, congregate, and leave for half an hour.

Artificial Baits

The list of artificial baits useful in the sea is endless; plugs, spinners, spoons, rubber eels, feathers, Muppets and so on all work for certain species when used in the workplace. The point to bear in mind is that only a limited number of saltwater species in some places readily take lures.

These include mackerel, bass, Pollack, Coalfish, and cod. Others, such as wrasse, mullet, ling and garfish, can be caught on lures on occasions, especially if the lure is baited. A selection of lures is a worthwhile addition to any sea angler’s tackle box.

Final Thoughts

Fishing is an activity that can be done by any age group whether an adult or a child. It’s more than just catching a fish though; it’s also about spending quality time with the family in the outdoors. With all the six essential gears and a positive attitude, you’re ready for a successful day on the water.

This video talks about fishing gear for beginners:

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have a big boat that you can use to go fishing, then you have the option to use a kayak. Kayaks are easier to transport, and they can be more fun to fish with. You can find the best sit-on kayaks here and kayak fish finder.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, you might have a few ideas that you want to share in the comments. We’d be glad to read from you. And if you have other aspiring anglers among friends, share this information with them so they too can have a good start with fishing.

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6 Essential Fishing Gear For Beginners
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