How To Have A Great RV Family Vacation Avoiding All The Possible Shortcomings

RV camping is a good method of combining a road trip and having an enjoyable outdoor family vacation. With the advantage of water and electricity, a roof over their heads, the children can be a bit cleaner.

Also, in case the weather is rainy, having an RV car is advantageous.

The RV makes the family have a “home base” during the vacation which is much cheaper than renting a standard hotel room. RV camping can feel much overwhelming in case you are new to the experience.

Rent Or Own

renting RV

​The RVs are a bit expensive, however, what must be looked at is the gas. Today, fueling the RV will be an important part of your family vacation budget.

Either you want to purchase or just rent the RV, you will require taking the cost of the RV’s gas into consideration.

Before you decide to buy the RV, take a trip in an-RV in a relative’s or friends’ for at least five days to see if you love it. Take the kids with you and ensure that the adults take a turn driving.

When completing the test drive, consider the number of times you would utilize the RV every year. In case it does not outweigh the price of renting, you must rethink the purchase.

In case you only want to rent, you have different choices to choose from which will have to include a high rental tax on top of the weekly or daily rental charges.

Your family will save some cash in renting as well as returning the RV to the same place as opposed to a one-way trip. For a first timer in renting, consider having a short distance to save daily rental fees as well as gas money.

What To Bring In Your RV​

gear on RV

To enjoy the RV camping with your family depends on how you organize yourselves before going on camping.

There might be limited room in the RV for the whole family; however, you are required to park accordingly. It is recommended that you list all you want to bring along on paper so as not to forget anything while parking.

Check the status of the RV battery. It is recommended you buy an RV generator which might be useful in supplying power to the RV appliances as well as it can be used to charge the RV battery when it starts to get drained.

RV skirting is also important since it can reduce excessive heat from the sun. Check all the tires and all the parts of the RV if they are in great shape.

When buying a generator, try first to review the best RV’s generators on the market so that you cannot be disappointed in the end.

RV Camping Tricks And Tips

RVing on lake

Pack Smart - Provide every member of the family a tote or a cardboard box which fits into the seat of your dining table. Allow them to fill the box or tote with their items and clothes for the trip, then transfer the box to the RV to simplify the packing process.

Park Smart - It is recommended you park the RV in the shade to prevent running the A/C regularly. Keep in mind that while several public lands permit you to stay in one area for only a night, the private RV parks consist of parking area available on a monthly and weekly basis as well.

Choose RV parks and campgrounds with lakes or water features. Even if the RV has a shower, a lot of the fun is centered around playing in the lakes as well as at the watersports.


You cannot have a great RV family vacation if you have a poor organization as well as preparation. Always prepare and organize yourself few days before the day of the road trip or camping.

The above information gives you an eye opening of what you will need on answering the question on how to a great RV family vacation.

How To Have A Great RV Family Vacation Avoiding All The Possible Shortcomings
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