Hiking and Camping in Colorado

Colorado is in the heart of American West, with beautiful mountain views, to the plains below. Colorado is known for having some of the most beautiful mountains in the US, and it’s well-earned.

There are many parks to choose, from smaller state parks like Mueller State Park, to national parks such as the famous Rocky Mountain National Park.​

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Cheyenne Mountain State Park is a great place to explore, here you can do a wide variety of activities such as camping, archery, hiking and nature watching.

They have multiple camping sites to choose from, such as RV, tent or hammock camping. If you’re here to camp in an RV they have 51 sites specialized just for that. Cheyenne offers full hookups for your RV, with no stated length limit.

After you set up your RV or tent you can begin to indulge yourself in one of the many activities. Hiking is one of the most popular things to do here at Cheyenne, with over 20 miles of trails to travel upon you’re sure to have a great time!

Pro tip: If you hike the longer trails be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes and hiking poles for the longer and steeper sections of the park.

A few of the shorter trails are Acorn Alley, at 0.53 miles or Bobcat Way at just 0.40 of a mile. Or if you’re looking for a challenge you can choose Blackmer Loop Trail, at 3.52 miles in length.

They also offer a 3D archery range and have targets between 10 and 80 yards, but you must have a permit to partake, while the static range does not require a special permit to use.

As you wrap up your day you can enjoy nature watching, as the park is host to plenty wildlife to see.

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Golden Gate Canyon​

Golden Gate Canyon​

Another great park is Golden Gate Canyon, this state park offers just as much, if not more to do than Cheyenne Mountain State Park. They offer camping, hiking, hunting and nature viewing.

The camping options here at Golden Gate are yurt, cabins, guest housing and regular campsite camping.

After you setup camp at one of the sites, you can indulge in over 35 miles of hiking trails Cheyenne hosts, but be careful as there is no cell phone service along the trails.

Some of the trails offered include but are not limited to, Beaver Trail, Raccoon Trail, Snowshoe Hare Trail and Mountain Lion Trail. They offer trails for family, or ones that are made to give even the most experienced of hikers a challenge.

As you’re hiking along be sure to watch out for the vast amount of wildlife, from birds up high to little rabbits down low. After you’re finished exploring the park, trails and wildlife viewing opportunities you’ll be ready to relax in your campsite, ready for another day.

Chatfield State Park​

Chatfield State Park​

Chatfield State Park is yet another one of the many beautiful places to have some family fun. Here you can only camp at a designated campsite, so when you select this park be aware of your options and where you will set up tent.

When you’re done setting up camp you can begin to enjoy the host of activities here at Chatfield. Here you can camp, boat or hunt.

The boating here is said to be one of the best in Colorado, so if that’s what you’re looking to do then this is the park for you!

You can get on the water in a variety of different ways, such as skiing, sailing, or simply relaxing with a fishing pole on your boat.

One of the parks many services also include hunting, here you can hunt mainly small game and whitetail deer, but if you’d rather just watch the wildlife then there are over 200 bird species to enjoy, and plenty of larger animals in the area.

As your day comes to an end be sure to get in on the many trails before the sun sets, with 10 miles of paved trails its great easygoing fun for the swole family.​

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Hiking and Camping in Colorado
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