How Much Fuel Does An RV Generator Burn? (Facts and Tips)

So you and your friends are enjoying a relaxing road trip inside your RV when it suddenly runs out of fuel and stops in the middle of the highway. You assumed there was enough fuel in the generator for the entire the trip, but you were wrong.


You go out to see if there are any gas stations around, but next town is at least fifty miles away. Now you’re in trouble and regret not knowing how much fuel your RV generator consumes.

So before you go on that camping trip, you need to ask yourself one question: how much fuel does an RV generator burn?

We will answer that question for you in this post. The information here will give you a better understanding of your RV generator and determine how much fuel you will be needing to get your RV running throughout the trip.

#1. How Much Fuel RV Generators Burn (Different Types of RV Generators)

1. The Different Types of RV Generators

There are different styles of RV generators, and each style was designed to run on a certain type of fuel. Be sure to choose one that is the perfect match for your RV to get the best results.

How much fuel your Rv generator can burn will depend on its type. The most commonly used fuel type generators are:

  • Diesel
  • Propane
  • Gasoline

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Diesel Generator

If you have an RV that runs on diesel, it would also make sense to use a generator that runs on diesel. This way, you are only using one source of fuel for both your generator and RV and avoid confusion.

There are advantages to using diesel since it manufactures more power than propane. It also burns cleaner than gasoline and is also safer to store since it is non-explosive.


Liquid Propane Generator

Liquid propane is a clean and eco-friendly fuel choice with long shelf life. If you’re an environmentally-friendly person, then you would love the liquid propane for its cleaner emissions.

The only downside here is that the runtime will depend on the size of the propane tank and the power outputs could be less than 10% compared to diesel or gas.

Liquid Propane Generator

Gasoline Generators

There are people who prefer RV generators powered by gasoline because the fuel is more accessible and affordable.

The downside here though is that gasoline is highly flammable and they have shorter shelf life. They burn much faster than diesel.

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Gasoline generators

2. How Much Fuel RV Generators Burn

The next time you replace an RV generator, you must determine the type of fuel you have to determine the amount of fuel your generator burns.

Depending on the type of generator you have, you may need to factor all the information provided for you to make an informed decision.

Gasoline Generators Fuel Consumption

Gasoline generators have greater fuel supply when it draws gasoline from the same source as the main engine.

The standard 5,000-watt gasoline generator will burn at least 18 gallons of gasoline in 24 hours (1 day period). So you may need to bring more gas reserves or constantly drop by at the gas station to get the RV going.

Propane Generators Fuel Consumption

As we have already mentioned in this post, propane burns fuel fast and clean. For instance, 20 kilowatts would burn 3.44 gallons every hour, and 35 kilowatts will be burning 6.1 gallons in each hour.

Diesel Generators Fuel Consumption

Among the types of RV generators, diesel-powered type burns fuel the least. To provide you with a perspective on a diesel generator’s fuel consumption, 20-kilowatt units will consume 1.6 gallons each hour for a full load. 30-kilowatt units will utilize 2.9 gallons every hour for a full load.

With the right operation, care and maintenance, gasoline and LP generators can go up to 1,000 hours before a major haul is required. Diesel Gen-sets will last longer.

Watch this video and get a closer look at RV generator fuel consumption:

3. Tips On How To Save RV Fuel

Here’s how experienced RVers save on their fuel:

  • Camping closer to home. There are least 16,000 camping grounds throughout the country. You can relish a great outdoor experience without having to go 500 miles and burn much fuel
  • Staying longer in a certain area. Choose RV parks and camping destinations with many options for leisure such as convenience stores, organized activities, entertainment centers, hiking trails, playgrounds, and more
  • Tuning up the engine of your vehicle, properly inflating its tires and conducting regular maintenance will prevent fuel problems and maximize efficiency

You can find more information on how to save RV fuel in this page – Simple Ways to Improve RV Economy

#2. Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this post. If you are wondering about how long your Rv generator will last for your next camping trip, just remember the following:

  • Propane: 20 kilowatts would burn 3.44 gallons every hour, and 35 kilowatts will be burning 6.1 gallons each hour
  • The standard 5,000-watt gasoline generator will burn at least 18 gallons of gasoline in 24 hours (1 day period)
  • Diesel generators have the longest fuel life, consuming only .75 gallons for every two loads of air conditioner

If you have any comments or inquiries, feel free to address them in the comments section.

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How Much Fuel Does An RV Generator Burn? (Facts and Tips)
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