How To Make Campfire Sauce Like It Is The Real Thing

How to make Campfire Sauce? This one is a prevalent question, especially in the culinary world. The campfire sauce, a diminutive of the original Red Robin Campfire Sauce, is a special condiment that you can use in different cooking applications.


Typically, this particular sauce is used for weekend grilling and tailgate parties. You can also see a lot of backpackers and campers who bring this amenity whenever they are setting for the outdoors. The sauce is a great accompaniment for a variety of treats, especially grilled meat, burgers, and roasted delicacies. Barbecues can become wonderful and luscious if you dip them in this flavorful and extra-thick sauce.

The tang of the Campfire Sauce is pretty unique. It has an earthy tone that provides a smoky yet sweet flavor for the food. It may come simple and basic, but recreating it is quite hard. The original sauce has an enigmatic composition. The totality of its ingredients and the way it was created are things that are still shrouded in mystery.

Even up to this day, the secrets behind this sauce are not yet divulged. It is a sad thing actually, considering that a lot of gourmets and food lovers would like to get this extra addition of flavor in their next dish. Fortunately, there is a way to make your DIY Campfire Sauce even if you are oblivious to its exact ingredients.​

How To Make Campfire Sauce

There is little known about the Campfire Sauce, but several kitchen sleuths have already started their own investigation. As far as I know, there is still no person that was able to debunk the exact composition of this highly-acclaimed barbecue condiment. But the effort and time spent by our culinary brethren were still able to leap forward. They found clues that could lead us to our most coveted flavor.

Experimentation Stage​

From the get-go, the best ingredients to start are the mixture of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. However, take note that there is a plethora of barbecue sauce on the market today. Each of them offers different flavors, so finding the exact one that can match the flavor of the original campfire sauce can be tricky.

The best remedy that you have here is to taste the Campfire Sauce first and try to internalize the nuances of its flavor. You just have to spend time and think about how the taste goes.

Once you can figure out the exact "characteristics" of the sauce, then you can move on to the next process.

From this point, you have to experiment with all the available sauces on your market and see which one of them exhibits the same or "almost-the-same" flavor as the Campfire Sauce. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do. That's why it would be advantageous on your part if you are familiar with the flavors of these commercial barbecue sauces. If not, then you just have to experiment manually.

Furthermore, you have to work with other ingredients as well, as barbecue sauce is not really enough. Some tried mayonnaise and mixing with several flavor enhancers and spices. Since we don't know the exact parameters and measurements that were used in the original sauce, this process can become toiling and exhausting. In fact, I have seen my friends gave up on this ordeal. That's the proof that making the Campfire Sauce is not a walk in the park.

But hey,that doesn't mean either that it is impossible to make. Otherwise, I will never waste your time here at all. I am not here to see you burn a lot of hours in the kitchen in an attempt to find the "right one." Instead, I will give you a sauce recipe that has the similar flavor and texture as the Campfire Sauce. Let's start!

DIY Campfire Sauce Recipe​

DIY Campfire Sauce Recipe​

If you want to enjoy your fries, poppers, baked onion rings, and any other applicable delicacies, creating your own version of Campfire Sauce would be an intuitive idea. It allows you to satisfy your cravings without spending too much. Also, don't forget that the Red Robin Campfire Sauce is not readily available on the market. Because it is a proprietary product of Red Robin, there is no chance that you can just get it whenever you want it.

That predicament just forced me and the rest of the kitchen warriors out there to test our grit. I also joined in the bandwagon of those who recreated the sauce from scratch. I am not saying that I was successful in making an exact replica. However, I am pretty confident that what I made is something that can make you remember the iconic sauce.

Here are the ingredients for my copycat Campfire Sauce:​

  • Mayonnaise (1/2 cup)
  • Barbecue sauce (1/2 cup; preferable Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce or the Bull's Eye Brown Sugar and Hickory Sauce)
  • Paprika (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Garlic powder (1/8 teaspoon)
  • Cayenne pepper (1/8 teaspoon).


  • 1. Luckily, once you got all the ingredients hooked in, the process of making the sauce is very easy. You just have to take a bowl or any applicable container and mix all the items there. Whisk and stir the ingredients until you can create a savory and thick mixture. That is your sauce there.
  • 2. Taste the concoction that you made. Did it suit your flavor preferences? Did it hit the mark? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then you just make a sauce that closely embraces the Campfire Sauce recipe. If you are not satisfied with what you got, you can increase the number of the ingredients.

    Usually, I always tweak the amount of the barbecue sauce that I include. If I feel that the sauce I made is lacking in the earthy and smoky tang that it should have, I double the amount of the barbecue sauce. I also sprinkle a little more of the garlic powder until such time I can achieve the desired results.

    But if the flavor is too overwhelming, I just do the opposite. I curtail the amount of the barbecue sauce to get a balance on its taste. Meanwhile, the texture of the sauce depends on the mayonnaise. You simply need to adjust its amount so that you can get have the same sticky yet fluid texture as the Campfire Sauce.
  • 3. The last step is refrigerating the sauce you made. In this way, all the ingredients will be blended properly.


So that's it! I hope I was able to help you out with your pursuit of making your favorite Campfire Sauce. The recipe that I have shown you here is just my simple attempt to recreate the said condiment. I have seen different people making their own versions of the sauce, too. Therefore, you will always have the freedom to learn from other resources.

But for the meantime, I encourage you to try this tutorial of mine first! It is simple and doesn't require too many ingredients or preparations. Even people that don't have a rich experience in the kitchen can follow this sauce recipe that I made.

Was this article helpful? If you have some other questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below!​

How To Make Campfire Sauce Like It Is The Real Thing
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