How To Make Coffee While Camping: 10 Best Camping Coffee Maker In 2018

A black, caffeine-rich, cup of coffee is a source of comfort and pleasure while camping. A camping activity isn’t complete without it. It makes a lot of difference when you’re drinking coffee out in the wild, with the breeze blowing over your face and the sun filling up your morning.

You may also be a coffee addict like many people, and you just can’t keep caffeine out of your mind. Either way, you need to figure out how to make coffee out there because making coffee in the wild is not like making coffee in the kitchen.

The good news is, making coffee while camping is not rocket science and you can prepare one fast and easy. In this post, we will share tips on how to make coffee while camping the fast and easy way.

The General Process

starting a camping fire

Making the Right Fire - The first step towards preparing a tasty cup of coffee is to prepare the right fire for the activity. Once you have the fire started, you can then let it stay that way for a few minutes before adding more wood so you can have hot coal working.

Gather the brightest coals into a small circle and allow the heat to accumulate into the pot.

Making Coffee. - First of all, you must determine how much coffee you should make and put the right amount of water into the pot. Put the pot on the circle of hot coals and let it settle there until the water boils. Once the water is boiling, you can then take the pot off the fire and leave it for a few seconds until the boiling stops.

Your grounds should be ready for placement by this time. The right amount of grounds will depend on how strong your coffee should be. It is a rule of thumb to put one tablespoon in every 6 ounces of water.

Once the ground coffee is added to the hot water, you can then leave it for at least 5 minutes before taking it out.

Getting the Grounds Out - You can now put the contents inside your pot into a cup or mug for drinking. The coffee would be a bit gritty when you sip it. That’s because the pot has no filter and it’s only normal for the grounds on the paper filter at the bottom of a French press or inside a drip coffee maker to be transferred into your cup.

But that’s not a big deal to most campers. As a matter of fact, hardcore campers love grit in their cowboy style coffee. To those who are used to slightly smothered coffee, there are several ways of getting rid of the grounds and minimizing their amount in your mouth.

Check out this video to get a closer look at how to make camp coffee:

Different Methods Of Making Coffee While Camping

Cowboy Coffee

For the cowboy and hardcore minimalist, this would be perfect because it does not require any extra equipment.

All you need to do is heat up some water, toss the coffee grounds into the pot, and let it stay still for a little while. After that, you can pour it into the mug and then drink it.

You can also get your fiber for a more hardcore option and drink it straight from the grounds, pot and all.

DIY Coffee Bag Or Tea Bag

tea coffee

This procedure almost does not add any weight in the packing and can be scaled. You can prepare a whole pot or a single cup for your company just by changing the amount of coffee you add into the filter.

You can bring paper coffee filters with you too. Once you are ready to do the brewing, put your desired amount of grounds into the filter’s center and draw the edges up as though you are making a coin purse.

Tie it shut with a string. Dental floss works well if you have a homemade camping kit. Let the water boil and then put the bag into the pot or put water on it.

Wait for a few minutes before drinking it. If you have it tied well, then there should be no leaks on the coffee grounds while you’re drinking them.

Hanky Coffee

Instead of using paper filters, you can be more natural and use a handkerchief instead (or a clean cloth, sock or shirt, if you’re desperate) for the filter.

The same procedure used with the DIY Coffee Bag is used here but without any further waste. This could give your coffee a unique taste.

Instant Coffee

making an instant coffee

Instant coffee is the easiest and lightest way to make coffee while camping. It’s almost like cheating. It can also be quite good. The most popular coffee option (Starbucks VIA)come in small pieces the same size as a stick of gum.

French Press

All you need to do here is boil some water on the camp stove or fire, pour voila and coffee in. You can also mix them with cold water if you’re looking for a cold brew.

Espresso-Like AeroPress

making an aeropress coffee

An AeroPress looks like a big syringe and is another method of brewing a cup of coffee fast while camping. They only cost ($), but they enable you to utilize ground coffee.

All you need to do is heat up water, add coffee, followed by water, and press it for 20 to 30 seconds. The coffee will taste like espresso since just like the pressure-with-filter brew method.

You can buy a steel filter for $ and don’t have to worry about accumulating trash with these paper filters.

Reusable Coffee Filter

For as little as $, reusable coffee filters don’t need paper filters and can be stored inside cups or mugs. With a weight of less than 1oz, reusable coffee filters are the lightest options next to instant coffee, making it a great choice for camping.

All you need to do is fill some coffee grounds within the filter, put them inside a mug, pour hot water over it and let it be for a few minutes.

Drip Coffee Maker

making a drip coffee

If you only drink pour-over coffee, then this is the right choice for you. Companies such as GSI are manufacturing affordable, lightweight drip coffee makers for only $. You will only require the usual hot water and ground coffee, and you will be set.

Pocket Pour Over

The Sportsman's Warehouse has devised a new way of brewing coffee and your local retailer. The Kuju PourOver provides a great way to brew coffee while camping.

The mix of high-quality coffee and convenience may rely on this ambitious tagline. The foldable, lightweight pour-over pouch is poured with coffee grounds, sealed inside a “nitrogen-flushed package,” and then stays fresh for many weeks.

Just attach the pouch over a mug of any size, pour hot water inside and get the caffeine fixed.

Coffee Maker

making coffee with a coffee maker

This one goes over the top, especially for the passionate coffee enthusiast. A coffee maker is always a legitimate option wherever you may be. You can have one in your RV and make as much coffee as you want.


With a lot of options available, it should also be obvious that brewed coffee is not confined inside the kitchen or the nearest cafe. Go out on that camping trip and enjoy the same good-smelling coffee in the morning.

You just learned how to make coffee while camping in 10 different ways. There is no need for you to settle with instant coffee at the campfire ever again.

Do you have other tips on how to make coffee while camping?

Feel free to share them in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this guide and found it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

How To Make Coffee While Camping: 10 Best Camping Coffee Maker In 2018
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