How To Wear A Boot Knife: Survival Basics 101

Learning how to wear a boot knife is essential for your survival, especially if you are going in the wilderness. Even if your destination is considered safe, there is still a need for you to prepare for the worst-case scenario. You need to have something that will allow you to defend yourself against different threats which include wild animals and humans.


Having a boot knife is a great idea to keep yourself guarded when SHTF situations kick-in. In fact, it should always be a part of your camping checklist.

There is a need that you know how to equip a boot knife properly. As I have said, the knife will serve as your "contingency plan" if you encounter some dangerous foes out there.

Boot Knife Basics​

Boot Knife Basics​

Nobody wants to be caught off guard. If you are a prepper, it is a part of your gospel to be always ready and prepared.

The times now are too deleterious to be lenient. We have been dealing with increasing crime rate all over the world. Muggers and robbers are always on the hunt too, even outside the urban jungle. These reasons compel most of us to arm ourselves.

Of course, this doesn't mean that we are all gun freaks here. It is up to you if you want to invest in firearms for self-defense. As long as you follow the federal regulations, it will never be a bad move. But for some of us, boot knives are already enough.

The biggest advantage of a boot knife is its concealability. Your enemies will never know that you can fight back. Boot knives are also designed to have a thin frame; both of its blade and handle are slim. They can be carried with ease without your feeling of obstruction.

Fortunately, the process of wearing a boot knife is a lot easier. You don't need to have a dexterous pair of hands just to equip a knife in your footwear. It is also notable that many outdoor and camping boots today are made to be compatible with these small knives. If your footwear has a built-in pocket, you can insert the knife there.

But if it doesn't, don't fret. I am here to teach you how to get this knife on your boots properly and snugly.​

How To Wear A Boot Knife​

How to Wear a Boot Knife: Survival Basics 101

Before I start, let me give you some quick reminders.​

  • If you are planning to wear a boot knife, make sure that you are using a pair of steel toe boots. This particular footwear can provide ample protection for your feet once the knife is already worn.
  • You should always remember that wearing boot knives is dangerous if you do not select the appropriate boot size. The boot should not be too long; otherwise, the knife will not be properly concealed. Make the boot too short and the knife will get thrown on the ground.
  • You are required to have a string. This is the tool-of-the-trade that you need to attach the knife to your boot. Packaging tapes or glues won't work on this matter. Obviously, they will just cause more nuisance rather than comfort.
  • Do you want to wear one knife per each boot? Why not make your life simpler by sewing sheaths directly to the footwear? If the boots that you have are made from leather, you can use sewing tools that are made of leather. This is a DIY task that you might find useful. In fact, some knife sheaths have factory-made holes just to cater for this need. But if you think that the canvass of the boot is too tough, just proceed to the steps below.

Now that I have mentioned all these important considerations, it is time for me to teach you the ropes. Don't fret too much. The process of connecting the knife to the boot is fairly easy. Check out the step-by-step guide below to get started.

1. Putting the Knife in the Sheath

You must never wear the knife to the boot if the former is not enclosed to its sheath. If you are not using the knife, it is essential that you keep it covered inside the sheath.No, I am not talking about the safety of the knife here. Well, the sheath is primarily designed to protect the knife from chipping and other external damages. But for this particular application, the sheath is there to protect your legs from being sliced or cut by the knife, especially if you are moving briskly.

It would also be great if the sheath has a locking mechanism so that the knife won't get disengaged accidentally.

2. Wearing the Boot

Once you are done on sheathing the knife, it is time that you insert into one of your boots. Place the knife to the side in which you can quickly unsheathe it. For instance, if you are a right-handed person, you need to place the knife on the right boot. The same concept applies to left-handed individuals.

Always remember that considering the dominant side of your body will provide maximum comfort and safety. You can draw your knife better and quicker if it is in an area that you can access immediately. It would be quite troublesome if you are a left-handed person and you placed your knife on your right leg.

Also, I recommend that you should not insert the knife into the inner sides of your boots. That kind of placement will prevent you from doing quick knife withdrawals. It is not also an ergonomic placement for sheathing and unsheathing the knife.

3. Attaching the String​

The last part of the process involves a durable and rugged string, like a shoelace. With the use of this string, you should tie the exposed or upper part of the knife sheath to the calf of your leg. After that, you should thread the center of the string through the flat area of the sheath. Doing this step will ensure that the knife won’t get thrown out from your leg.

You may also need to do the wrapping two to three times to guarantee that the knife sheath is properly locked to your legs. The tighter you tie the sheath, the better. It ensures you that the knife will remain stable regardless of your movement. You need this kind of stability in emergency situations where the speed of the draw will determine if you are going to survive or not.​


As you can see, learning how to wear a boot knife is not difficult. It is downright simple and achievable. Even if you are an amateur outdoor enthusiast, doing this task should not cause any complicated problems for you.

The only considerations that you have to take in here are the quality of the knife and boots that you have. Having high-quality boot knives and outdoor footwear can really change things. They can assure maximum comfort and protection, not only to your feet, but to your entire constitution as well. They can both provide the mobility and defense that you need to survive any dire circumstances.

I hope that you learned from this simple tutorial that I made. If you have some other questions about outdoor knives, boots, and anything in between, don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.​

How To Wear A Boot Knife: Survival Basics 101
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