Ice fishing: The Perfect Winter Camping Activity

Camping is a fun and exciting thing to do, be it with family, your lover, friends or alone. As a camper myself, I would always prefer winter camping over summer. Although winter camping has its own demerits but its perks of getting close to nature, cold climate and ice fishing can make one forget all the demerits.

While camping in the winter season you can indulge in many exciting activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing or simply indulge in star gazing or if you have a partner, cuddling around the bonfire.

One has to take some precautionary measures to enjoy a perfect camping scenario in the winter season. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before going on a winter camping spree.


1. Remove All The Snow Before Putting Up The Tent​

Always clear the snow on your camping ground before setting up your tent. You can clear the snow with your skis, snowshoes or boots.

Remove all the snow before putting up the tent

2. Pack Spare Pairs Of Gloves And Extra Hats​

Always be on the safe side by packing extra pair of gloves and hats. No matter how careful you are, you may lose your hat or gloves, your gloves may get wet or get torn. The best way to escape such unexpected situations and protecting yourself from frostbite is to keep extra pair of gloves and hats with you.

3. Keep A Pee Bottle With You​

In cold climate, most people tend to pee frequently. The best way from wandering in the cold searching for a spot to pee is to keep a pee bottle with you, so that you can urinate in it during emergency times.

4. Take The Perfect Sleeping Pad​

Buy a sleeping pad with a r value of 4 or more than that. Its always better to have more levels of heat providing materials beneath you than above you.

Another major attraction of camping in winter is ice fishing. Every camper indulges in ice fishing while camping in winter. Ice fishing is the process of catching fish with the help of fish hooks, lines or spears by drilling holes in the surface of a frozen water body. Ice fishing is a leisurely activity and most campers do ice fishing while camping during the winter season. Most campers either fish in the open or else in heated spaces or bunks.

An ice auger is the most important equipment used in ice fishing. An ice auger is a device used to drill holes in the hard surface of the frozen water bodies. Mostly sharp ice augers are preferred so as to dig 8 inch deep holes so as to easily catch the fish without much hassle or time consumption. Most campers use gas operated or hand powered augers to drill holes into the ice.

Take The Perfect Sleeping Pad​

So here are some tips to follow in order to enjoy ice fishing to the fullest:

  • 1. Always use a sharp ice auger to drill a hole into the frozen water body. You can sharpen the blades of the auger yourself or simply change the blades if they are completely worn out. But never over sharpen the blades of the ice auger.
  • 2. Drill a medium sized hole so that you won't be restricted to a small area. Always dig 3 to 4 holes in one go. Move while you are fishing so that you can cover the complete hole. Never create unwanted motion until and unless you have found an active fish.
  • 3. Always drill holes in the deeper parts of the lake. Before fishing, drop a weight in the holes and pull them slowly so as to check whether that area is weedy or not as in winter season most fish lurk around weeds and other bushes. Fish in areas having sticky bottoms.
  • 4. Chose the best fishing lines then tie in the jig. Vibrate the jig rapidly underwater so that fish get attracted to the bait. Pounding makes the jig look alive and thus fishes get attracted towards it.

Some of the must visit winter camping ice fishing destinations are, Piprell late, Last Mountain lake, Lac LaPlonge, Tobin lake, west stow pods suffolk, the lake cornwall, the pig place oxfordshire and many more places.

Winter camping is incomplete without ice fishing. Sitting lazily on a stool while calmly fishing in a particular spot is the best way to entertain yourself when you don't want to indulge in strenuous winter sports.​

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Ice fishing: The Perfect Winter Camping Activity
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