How To Install A Dometic RV Air Conditioner?

Installing a Dometic RV air conditioner into your recreational vehicle can contribute a lot to making you comfortable, especially once you are out on a trip.

What’s good about Dometic is that it has already built a good name in the RV cooling solutions industry.

With that in mind, there is some sort of assurance that its products, particularly air conditioning units, work well for RV users. Dometic air conditioning units are capable of replacing the roof vent in your recreational vehicle with an aerodynamic cooling solution.

The units are also easy to install. In fact, you can complete the installation process on your own using just basic tools. Since the roof vent is already existing, what you have to do is to just swap it simply with the air conditioner.

Once an RV air conditioning unit from Dometic is installed, you have an assurance that you will enjoy a more pleasant experience, especially if you are traveling during a hot weather. It aids in maintaining a really comfortable temperature.

In addition, it prevents you from experiencing some of the discomforts linked to traveling in a hot weather, like tossing and turning during your sleep and night sweating. To help you in installing the unit, here are some of the steps and things that you have to do.​

Step 1 - Remove The Vent​

removing the vent

Prior to the actual installation of the Dometic RV air conditioning unit, it is advisable for you to remove the old unit or skylight. Once removed, you should prepare the space for the installation. What you have to do when preparing the space is to get rid of all the crews that you can find on the vent.

Use a flathead screwdriver as a means of prying off the vent and a paint scraper so you can clean the surface and remove the sealant. If there is an existing air conditioning unit that the Dometic product will replace, then you also need to take out the bolts that you can find from the interiors of your recreational vehicles.

Note that the old unit is most likely secured by around 4-6 primary bolts. It also most likely comes with an interior and exterior assembly.

Once the bolts are removed, it is advisable for you to take out the interior assembly. After that, get a blanket and lay it down on the roof prior to pulling the old air conditioner upward.

You need to put on the blanket as it works in protecting the roof from the risk of getting scratches and damages once you start pulling out the old unit.

If possible, seek the aid of another person. Let him stand by so he can help once it is time to take out and lower the unit from the roof without causing any damage.

Once done, the next thing that you have to do is to clean up the opening thoroughly. Such can help in ensuring that the newly installed air conditioning unit can seal well once you install it.​

Step 2 - Do The Actual Installation

Once you have already prepared the space, then it is time to do the actual installation. The Dometic RV air conditioner will most likely come with a rubber gasket, which you can use in sealing against the opening.

What you have to do is to align the new unit by ensuring that its shorter end faces the front part of your RV.

As mentioned earlier, the air conditioner from Dometic comes with an aerodynamic design, which is a good thing as it lessens drag, which also aids in minimizing fuel consumption.

Drop the air conditioner gently into the opening in the sense that the rubber gasket is in perfect alignment with the opening.

The next step involves installing the bolts. Do it starting from the top. After that, enter the interior so you can install both the interior assembly and fan. You should then secure the assembly along the interior ceiling by tightening the nuts.

Step 3 - Do The Wiring​

domestic installation

In most cases, existing air conditioners already come with prepared wiring. If the wiring is already present, then you just simply need to unplug it from the old air conditioner so you can connect the new one.

However, in case your vehicle does is not specifically wired for the air conditioning, then it is a must to install a new wiring.

In this case, it would be best to seek the services of a professional electrician. You can also seek the aid of an expert in repairing RVs. Just make sure that all sources of power are disconnected prior to the installation.

Choosing The Best RV Air Conditioner​

best RV air conditioner

Once you have the air conditioner installed, you will start enjoying its numerous benefits – one of which is its ability to make you feel comfortable while you are inside your vehicle.

You can sleep comfortably even during the hot season. A good air conditioning unit, particularly the ones offered by Dometic, is also helpful in keeping the air clean.

But how do you really go about choosing the best air conditioners for your recreational vehicle? Mark Coleman noted that check out these factors as they can help you assess your options and formulate a sound decision:

Size and Shape – You need to spend time assessing the size and shapes of the different air conditioners offered to you. The best choice for you is actually that, which is more aerodynamic, which is what most units from Dometic can offer.​

It’s also advisable to pick one with a low profile while also being well-contoured in such a way that it can withstand wind drag. With that, you have an assurance that your RV won’t be slowed down while also maintaining a high fuel efficiency.

Ease of installation – Of course, you can always seek the aid of a professional when installing the unit. However, if you wish to install it on your own, then it is crucial for you to take into consideration its weight as well as how easy it would be to install it. There should also be a reasonable warranty just in case you fail to install it correctly.​

Another factor that you have to consider as far as the ease of installation is concerned is if spare parts are easy to access and readily available. Check their prices, too, so you can prepare.

Cooling efficiency - Assess the unit’s cooling efficiency, as well. Note that in most cases, a higher number also indicates that the unit is indeed powerful. However, keep in mind that powerful units are also costlier than the rest, so figure out if you are willing to spend more for better cooling efficiency.​

RV’s size – Before buying, you have to know exactly the size of your RV. You also have to decide on the amount of space that you can allocate to the unit. If your RV is smaller, then note that a less powerful air conditioning unit is often enough to heat it up.​

There is no need to spend too much on an extremely powerful unit if the space you need to cool is not that big.


Knowing exactly how to install a Dometic RV air conditioner will come in handy once you decide to purchase a unit from the brand.

By keeping in mind the tips and steps mentioned in this article, you will be able to do the installation correctly and reduce your risk of committing mistakes during the process.

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