IT Luggage Reviews: A Buying Guide For Travel Luggages

In this article, I will be showcasing some of the best IT Luggage reviews out there. All the things that I have here are a product of thorough and in-depth testing of the luggage. No fuss. No exaggerations. Just clear, hard facts. Let's start!


It is said that your luggage will define your overall travel experience. If you have the poor storage of your items, you can't expect that you can get a smooth flight. It is a given fact that you should respect with all of your heart and understanding.

Fortunately, the brand IT Luggage was able to change the situation for good. In the past, it was quite difficult to find luggage that could meet both of your wants and requirements. But after the inception of this brand, the perennial problem of traveling with a shabby suitcase is already a thing of the past.

Gradually, the IT Luggage has been revving up their reputation in the market. They have produced a succession of high-quality luggage that can catch anyone's attention. From the ergonomics down to the overall construction, they are all good! Are you still feeling doubtful? Then check out the following luggage!​

IT Luggage Reviews 2018​

it luggage World's Lightest 31.5" 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner

It is undeniable that one of the finest products of IT Luggage is the World's Lightest Wheel Lightweight Spinner. It has an exceptional construction that can withstand the test of stress and time. It is ultra-durable because of its tough fiberglass construction. It also has polyester linings to ensure that seams and gaps won't be present. Despite this, this IT Luggage remains to be lightweight.

Of course, the World's Lightest Wheel Lightweight Spinner has an impressive storage capacity, too. The interiors are well structured so that all of its spaces can be utilized for item storage. It comes with multiple pockets and meshes, too, in which you can put all your small and easy-to-lose items. You can also guarantee that the luggage won't break because of its excellent base and wheel design. It can manage the bulkiness of your stuff without any complications.


  • Absolutely tough construction
  • No seams and gaps in its design
  • Extra protective on your items
  • Storage capacity has been maximized
  • Great weight balance and distribution.


  • Handle is a little awkward positioning.
it luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles 32.4 inch Upright

This tough, upright luggage is a great travel amenity that you should never ignore. With a fiberglass construction and polyester lining, the World's Lightest Los Angeles became one of the faces of IT Luggage. It is extremely durable, and it is impervious to scratches and other damages that can cause deformities. Overall, it can serve you well, even during rush hours. It has all the essential ergonomics for a seamless trip.

The handle of this luggage is extra wide (almost the same size as its body). Such design allows you to have a good grip on the handle even if you are not even looking. The handle has a slip-free texture, which makes it extra comfortable to hold. Meanwhile, the interior of the luggage is "flat" and free from pipes. This means that you can utilize the full space of your storage at a maximum. And since this is a lightweight luggage, you can expect that you can avoid the annoyance of additional baggage fees.


  • Extra large interior for enhanced storage
  • Easy to maneuver and hold
  • Lightweight but robust construction
  • High-tensile design for durability
  • Smooth gliding wheels


  • The handle cannot be locked
  • The pockets inside the interior are small.
it luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set

Affordability is not just about getting the cheapest product. Most of the time, it is getting the most out of your money. That's why for its price and value, the Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Luggage Set is unbeatable. Among all the luggage crafted by IT Luggage, only this one provides you three differently-sized travel cases for a price of one. But don't underestimate it just because of its cost. Since this package is a product of the IT Luggage, you can still expect great things from it.

The IT Luggage Duotone has a rugged exterior that can brush off any potential damages and shock. It has the decent durability that can last a lifetime. Furthermore, its weight is splendidly lessened. Carrying this travel pack will never burden your body at all. The interior of this item is roomy, too. You can ensure that all of your essential amenities has a space inside this luggage. It also has exterior pockets that you can use to store your travel documents.


  • Optimized storage system
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Highly maneuverable (can be rotated to 360 degrees)
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Affordability is unquestionable.


  • Doesn't come with expanding zippers (highly needed by the smaller bags).
it luggage Amsterdam lll 27.6" 8 Wheel Semi Expandable Spinner

The Amsterdam III of IT Luggage is a premium travel storage. It got all the qualifications to make it the top choice for those who travel a lot. From its construction, you can already say that it is brimming with quality. It is extremely functional because of its well-equipped storage system and expanding design. Furthermore, it has a jaw-dropping mobility, too, thanks to its 360-degree swiveling wheels.

The entire case is made from the combination of fiberglass and polyester. It is ultra-rugged and doesn't wear out even if you use it constantly. Meanwhile, this luggage does not only come with one handle. Both of its top and sides have been integrated with easy-to-grab and slip-free handles for versatile carrying modes. Its main handle has a telescoping design, with an ergonomic push button for enhanced mobility.


  • Comes with multiple handles
  • Doesn't wear out even if you use it constantly
  • Lightweight and rugged construction
  • Expandable storage system
  • Highly ergonomic luggage.


  • Slightly pricey.
it luggage Megalite Vitality 30.7" 8 Wheel Expandable Lightweight Spinner

The Megalite Vitality is one of the best opuses of IT Luggage. This particular item has the excellent construction and design, which makes it a perfect fit for stylish travelers. It is luggage made from polyester, which makes it impregnable against common damages that can be encountered while you are on your trip. Furthermore, this luggage is completely lightweight. It doesn't add up to the weight of your items, which will enable you to save a lot of baggage fees.

The Megalite Vitality offers an 8-gliding wheel design. Because of this feature, the luggage can be maneuvered limitlessly. It can do 360-degree rotations without any awkward movements. Even if you are in a rush, this luggage can still offer excellent mobility. Of course, this one has the semi-expander capability. The latter allows the luggage to increase its storage capacity up to 25%.


  • Lightweight luggage that lessens baggage fees
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • Interior has pockets for better item organization
  • Easy to maneuver and transport.


  • Sizing problems.

How To Choose A Travel Luggage

In this IT Luggage reviews, I have indicated some outstanding products of the said brand. Needless to say, most of their travel cases and luggage are reputable because of their quality and price.

Specifically, the IT Luggage (or the International Traveler Luggage) is a London-based business. They are among the top manufacturers of luggage in the market today. They compete well with other top brands such as Rockland, DELSEY Paris, and Vera Bradley.

But aren't you curious why these brands are being received well by the people? What are the factors that make particular travel luggage great? Well, just read on to find out.​


The size of a travel luggage is one factor that determines its quality. But of course, there is no such thing as "one size fits all" in the world of travel luggage. After all, we have different needs and priorities, especially when packing for our next tour. However, this doesn't mean that you can pick any size that you want.

If you want to get decent luggage, make sure that it is not too big for you. You have to measure the luggage and see if you can be comfortable while carrying such case. Otherwise, it will be a nightmare on your part. Nobody wants to be burdened by bulky luggage. Remember, you are not moving away from your home. Therefore, just take what you need and put them in travel storage with appropriate dimensions.


Parallel to the size, the weight of the luggage should be inspected as well. As tourists and travelers, we are already aware of the extra fees and cost of luggage items that exceeded the prescribed weight limit. Some of you might think that this has nothing to do with our bags, but that is completely wrong. Although it is correct that our belongings are the biggest contributors to the weight, it doesn't mean that the luggage case is exempted already exempted from the equation.

If you want to avoid those excess fees, you should get the travel luggage that is naturally light. In this way, you don't have to worry about packing a lot of things.​


The light travel luggage is said to have a flimsy construction. But that is not the case for the products of IT Luggage. Most of their luggage is notably light, even their Large Checked (25 - 27") variants. The secret behind this "magic" is their choice of material. Specifically, their travel luggage is made from specialized fiberglass and polyester. These materials never compromised the durability and ruggedness of the luggage, even while providing the exact lightness that you want.

It is important that your luggage is durable and robust. We are talking about traveling here, after all. All those journeys will expose the bag to different elements that can damage it. If the luggage breaks, it will become a nuisance on your part. Nobody wants to go on a trip with a broken storage case.​


It would be great if the travel luggage that you are going to choose has an expanding design. With this feature, the zipper or bag expands properly to accommodate more items inside.The small travel luggage will never a problem as long as it got this capability. Furthermore, the luggage should possess different pockets. They will allow you to store and organize different items easily. Such simple ergonomic design can simply eliminate the nuisance of digging the case just to find your keys or toothbrush.​


Don't ever pick the luggage that doesn't come with a set of trusty wheels. Otherwise, you will be burdened with the responsibility of carrying them by your hands. Always remember that we are talking about travel cases here, not backpacks. Therefore, the bag that you should choose must be equipped with these components.

The wheels should be able to handle the overall weight of the storage and the items inside it. They should not break or get rigid whenever they weighed down. Furthermore, they should be able to rotate or swivel anywhere. Without this feature, the movement and mobility of the luggage are restricted.​

Final Thoughts

I hope that these IT Luggage Reviews were able to help you out in your selection process. I hope I was able to properly introduced to you the brand and why they have a ringing name in the touring community today. Most of their travel luggage have exceptional design and intuitive layout, which makes them a great investment.

Fortunately, IT Luggage provides a plethora of selection for travel bags and suitcases. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. However, that doesn't mean that you can ignore them, especially the World's Lightest Wheel Lightweight Spinner and the Amsterdam III. Having any of these travel luggage will guarantee that you can arrive at your destination comfortably and with a peace of mind.

What are your thoughts about these travel luggage? Do you know other IT Luggage that is worthy of being mentioned? Tell me all of them in the comment section below!​

IT Luggage Reviews: A Buying Guide For Travel Luggages
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