The Best Keeping A Baby Warm While Camping Guidelines

No one wants to be cold while camping – especially a delicate infant who is trying to get some sleep. You must make it a priority to keep your kids warm before embarking on a camping trip – especially if you are camping in a chilly place and season.

Unlike older children and adults, babies will not be able to regulate their body temperatures very well. The chill will make them feel uncomfortable, and that would ruin your camping day. When the temperature drops at night or during the rain, you want to be confident that your baby is kept warm.

So how can you keep your kids happy and warm while camping? The keeping a baby warm while camping guidelines in this post will help you keep your baby not just warm but also comfortable on your camping trip.

How To Keep Your Baby Warm?

The night time temperatures inside the camping grounds can be cold, even when it’s summer (summer nights in some national parks, like the popular Olympic National Park can go up to 45° F.

And since babies lose heat faster than adults and older children, your baby must stay warm to be comfortable in the tent.

Below 60° or 50° in the wet and windy weather can drop your babies’ body temperature if they are not wearing the right clothes or set in a way that they are kept warm and dry.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Baby Warm

Bringing “Sleep Only” Clothing for Your Baby 

Bringing “Sleep Only” Clothing for Your Baby

There’s a tendency for babies to become a bit sweaty even on a normal day, especially if they are inside a carrier. They can’t regulate their body temperatures very well so change the baby’s clothing during the evening so they will be dry and warm when the temperature drops.

Pack your baby’s clothes in several layers including fabrics with quick-dry and warm features which your baby is comfortable with. Those are fold-over handcuffs, footies, hoods, mittens, and hats.

One camper recommends the use of wool as a bottom layer for the skin since it can stay cool even when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Add Layers After Starting Light

In my experience we had the baby wear mid-weight sleeper, light snowsuit, sleep-slack, and a hat. It worked out fine even though the temperature was dipping low to 5° C at around 2 a.m. We added a layer of the sweater on her, so she was dry and warm.

We also made it a habit to check her neck sometimes as a way of making sure she's always warm. So far, that was all she needed, and we didn’t carry too much gear into the backcountry campsite.

If you think your baby is feeling cold, you can bring her in direct contact with your body and even cuddle her a little in a safe and comfortable way.

We’ve learned that footsie pajamas are fantastic with socks beneath them since they keep the socks and toes warm. Blankets come in handy when wrapping the baby while the temperature drops.

Here are nice baby blankets you can bring on your camping trip.

Always Check The Temperature

Camping with a baby entails that you pay more attention to the temperature. You can bring all sorts of gear like mittens, warm hats, snug and warm layers for your baby but they will be useless if you can’t use them at the right time.

As a matter of fact, we used to think that putting a hat on our little one will only be applicable during night time but we discovered that it is also necessary when it’s raining and the temperature suddenly drops.

Bringing A Camping Crib For Your Baby

Always check the temperature

One of the most troublesome parts of the day, while you're camping, is when the temperature begins to drop even when it’s daytime. Your baby could wake up early after a chilling night and still go for a little nap later on.

And if the morning is still chilly, you’d still want to wrap him up with nightly layers. But as long as your baby is warm and cozy inside the camping crib, you can return to your leisure, finish breakfast and even unwind with friends.

But then again, always pay attention to the temperature. You don’t want to go back to the tent and find a crying, over-heated child. Get rid of the layers if they’re no longer needed.

As the hours go by, the sun will move and cast a direct light on your tent’s exterior, increasing the temperature and warming it up fast. Your helpless child will start to bake as the temperature rises and you may not be there to help him.

This happened to one of my camper pals. It was a chilly morning, and she left the baby warm and comfortable inside the crib. But while she was enjoying a nice conversation with our other friends, she forgot to notice that the day was already starting to get hot.

What happened next is we heard her baby crying inside the tent, and when we checked on the poor thing, she was already sweating and red-faced from the heat.

To maintain safety, always be conscious of the weather within your tent, especially when the wind and light shifts while you are staying at the campsite.

Here are portable baby cribs that you can bring to your camping activity.

Unconventional, Ingenious Methods

Expert infant camper Verena Tarves recommends another great solution. They brought along some synthetic body suits such as UV-blocking water suits and utilized them as a light clothing for roaming and splashing around during the midday heat, along with the underlay for night time.

For sleeping during the cool evenings, they topped the suit with footed and hooded fleece with folding hand covers. If you are ingenious and unconventional enough to try something like this, then it could save you a lot of gear and effort in the long run.

Additional Tips

  • Set the location and season of your camping trip in such a way that it is not very cold at night. Experienced campers can testify to how they stayed comfortable with their baby at a time and place with a manageable chill
  • List EBe mindful of cool, clammy skin during chilly times because those are the times when the baby needs extra layers. Signs of hypothermia may entail shivering; pale, cold or blue-gray skin and a decrease in alertnesslement
  • Campers must always prepare for the wet and rainy weather and bring extra tarps or gear to cover the tent. You can be a step ahead of the unpredictable weather and go for a yurt or cabin (an affordable one) since they are a sure way to keep your family dry and warm throughout the night
  • You need to determine the best sleeping arrangement for you although you can have a baby sleep separately inside the tent; the MEC Reactor Explorer in between the mats and a 2-person Black Diamond Mesa over a mat. The mats can be about half a foot in between each other
  • Check out this video on how to keep your tent warm. If your tent is warm, your baby could be warm too.

#2. Conclusion

Once you have set everything you need to get your baby warm and cozy for the camping trip, you can then enjoy the bliss of camping with fewer worries.

Again, keeping your baby warm throughout the night by letting them wear various layers of clothes (preferably wool or fleece); a hat and thick during sleep time. And always take note of the temperature because it could vary depending on the time of day.

Hope the information here gives you more confidence in bringing your baby out in the wild. If it did, pack up everything you need and enjoy your camping trip with family and friends.

Do you have other tips to share?

If you do, then feel free to share them in the comments section below. More minds are better than one, and we would love to hear from you.

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