Have Fun Camping In Lone Oak Campground

The place, Lone Oak Campsites, is an amazing family campground found in Northwestern Connecticut, which is nestled in the delightful area of Berkshire foothills at the Canaan Mountain base. Lone Oak has an area of more than 250 acres, and it features 469 campsites with various hook-up alternatives.

You could camp in a sunny field or under the cool wood canopy. Lone Oak has an excessive campsite for you as well as your loved ones. In this post, we have listed some of the fantastic camping spots in Lone Oak Campsites.

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Things To Do In Lone Oak Campsites​

Loan Oak Campsites provides facilities that enable you to revel in the outdoors while still benefitting from the conveniences of life. While Lone Oaks Campground has many to offer in it, there is still other activities and proximate attractions worth the visit.​

1. Farmington River Tubing​

Farmington River Tubing​

River Tubing in Farmington is approximately 35 minutes away from Lone Oaks. It is where you, your family, or your friends can ride on tubes particularly designed for river trips. The ride is approximately 2.5 miles, and it passes through a few sets of rapids. It is quite an exceptional way to view the wild and scenic Farmington River.

The majority of the course won’t have an attendant. The second rapid will have one assistant at, in case someone gets trapped or stuck. But, they cannot retrieve tubes or help you if you have fallen off the tubes. That is the reason it is essential that you follow the area’s safety rules.

Before you start river tubing, ensure you contact their information center. The operation days or hours aren’t constantly the same. It may change owing to river conditions, weather conditions, and other circumstances that are risky.

Also, you should ask about restrictions and requirements to avoid inconveniences. To know more about safety rules, your attire, and others, check out their website.

2. Catamount Aerial Adventure Park​

Catamount Aerial Adventure Park​

The Catamount Adventure Park is another site everybody can love. It is a park that is typically up in the trees, and it includes loads of challenges and courses in various difficulty levels. The trees have over 170 platforms, which you can merely cross via different courses like zip lines, cable, wood, and loads more.

Adults, teens, and kids alike love these activities. There is no single proper way of traversing these bridges, and you do not have to be entirely athletic to cross them. It is up to you to determine an efficient way of crossing from a platform to another.

Certainly, you need to be aware of the safety rules and guidelines. You should always keep your harness on, meaning attached to the lines.

Also, the park is approximately 35 minutes from Lone Oaks Campsites. It is in Egremont Massachusetts.

Operating schedule can vary annually, but it is open in most spring, fall, and summer seasons. It may change because of weather conditions as well. You may make reservations, yet it isn’t necessary.

3. Clarke Outdoors​

Clarke Outdoors​

The site centers on activities of paddling along the Housatonic River, Connecticut. The river is a combination of low whitewater and moving flat water, which is perfect for starters. The course may take approximately 3 to 5 hours, which depends on whether a raft or a canoe is used.

Also, you can select to select either 6 or 10 miles.

When selecting the floating transportation, note that a raft is more stable and bigger than a canoe, and this is just best for children groups and non-swimmers. This activity is a great means to hang out with family and friends and revel in nature together.

Clarke Outdoors is around 25 minutes from the Lone Oaks Campsites. Aside from rafting or canoeing, it is a place where kayaking lessons can be done as well. If you’re one who likes the adrenaline rush, then this is the right spot for you.

4. Harlem Valley Trail​

Harlem Valley Trail​

The trail is ideal for persons or groups who like to hike or bike. Currently, it has more than 15 miles of paved trails that are open. The Harlem Valley Trail runs through green and rich sceneries, which hikers and bikers love. It is an amazing place to get fresh air.

Using the trail requires no special fees or requirements. Just be certain to do what you really want, as well as to obey the trail rules. Also, the trail has a few open yet unpaved trails, which you could ride a bike on.

A few trails are either closed or funding or under development. And if you want, then you can assist with the maintenance or development via volunteering or donation. Harlem Valley Trail is found in Millerton. That is only approximately 30 minutes from the Lone Oaks Campsite.

5. Mount Riga State Park​

Mount Riga State Park​

If you really adore hiking and want to observe birds, wildflowers, and other beauties of nature, you should try to hike the Mount Riga State Park trails. There’s Lion's Head Trail and Bear Mountain Trail, which is approximately 15 to 20 minutes from Lone Oaks.

The trail features a loop trail that’s approximately 6 miles. Finishing the trail (3.5 to 5 hours) largely depends on your pace. It has a forest of ash, white oaks, red oaks, hickory, and lots more. You can just hike any season and anytime, but I’d say autumn would be the best. It isn’t so child-friendly, but rather pooch-friendly!

However, a much shorter trail, Lion’s Head Trail, is only approximately 4.2 miles. In terms of distance, it’s a short hike. But, it isn’t an easy walk. A few parts are steep and so could be hard, so it can take some effort and time to finish and reach the top area.

The view from up there is worth it and pretty amazing.

You will not require a permit to try these trails. But, you need to be very careful and tell somebody if you want to go. Mountain lions and black bears could be present in the area. Bear Mountain Trail is approximately 30 minutes away from Lone Oak.

6. Haystack Mountain State Park​

Haystack Mountain State Park​

Haystack Mountain State Park is another place for the nature lovers. It is quite an easy hike, and it has some steep sections. The summit features a rewarding view and an old stone tower. The trail includes incredible foliage throughout the fall season.

Also, you can find numerous mountain-laurel around the month of June. And this trail enables you to just marvel and reflect at nature’s beauty. You won’t need to pay any fees (entrance or parking fee) at Haystack Mountain. But, parking availability is limited.

7. Twin Lakes​

Twin Lakes​

Found in Salisbury, Connecticut, the Twin Lakes is an excellent place to unwind and relax. You can rent various types of boats and just sail out for quiet and peace. The lake is just approximately 15 minutes from the Lone Oak Campground.

Also, around the area, canoes, kayaks, fishing boats, party boats, and other boat rentals can be found. There are restaurants and services nearby as well.

Bottom Line​

Lone Oaks is an excellent place for friends, families, and work teams to have fun. The campground itself provides different facilities (swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball courts) and is available for numerous events.

However, another great advantage that it provides numerous, nearby, wonderful attractions such as boating, aerial parks, river tubing, and more.

Check out this video to get a view of this breath-taking campsite:​

If you want to visit Lone Oaks Campgrounds as well as the nearby attractions, we would love to hear it from you. For tips, concerns, and questions, just comment below. And feel free to share this post to your friends if you think they can benefit from the information here.

Have Fun Camping In Lone Oak Campground
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