A Bird’s Eye-view On Pop Up Campers With Bathroom Facilities

Anybody who has done a lot of camping in various tents and rigs can tell that a pop-up camping experience is something that everyone should try.

Well, there may be less interior space – so there’s also less living space and storage space than in a hybrid or regular travel trailer – but the rig is easier to maneuver, tow, and store than those bigger rigs.

Furthermore, you have living space that is neater, more comfortable and less susceptible to nature’s elements than that of a tent.

pop up camper

Also, pop up campers that have bathroom facilities certainly provide another big benefit over tents that are readily available to any tent camper who woke up in a cold, raining night with the pressing and sudden need to visit the room.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the different types of pop up campers with emphasis on the variations with bathroom facilities.​

So keep reading…​

All About Pop Up Campers

All pop-up campers that have bathrooms are certainly not made equal. In the pop-up camper interior design layouts, space is a luxury, and the smallest rigs just do not have space for bathroom facilities.

Many larger pop up campers have space.

However, there are a couple of important facets that tell them apart. Of the pop-up campers installed with bathrooms, they could be divided into the groups of “dry” and “wet”. These categories are not exclusive to pop up campers.​

You can find many variations of “wet” bathrooms from the rigid truck campers to less spacious motorhomes.​

1. Wet Pop-Up Camper Bathrooms​

Wet Pop-Up Camper Bathrooms

Because of space constraints, the majority of pop up campers contain wet bathrooms. That fundamentally just indicates that the toilet base is within the shower stall. In bigger pop-up campers, the bathroom is entirely enclosed with a shower stall pan and the waterproof walls.​

This is an amazing space saver, but the whole bathroom requires cleaning after each shower. You can or cannot store numerous toiletries in the area without having them getting damped up.​

Smaller pop-up campers don’t have permanently enclosed bathrooms. And these bathrooms usually have a raised shower pan with one toilet pedestal. A curtain is used for more privacy, and to keep the liquid contained throughout a shower.​

And when you’re not using it, the wet bathroom is enclosed by a hinged cover that provides either seating or counter space, depending on the camper’s design.​

2. Dry Pop-Up Camper Bathrooms​

Dry Pop-Up Camper Bathrooms​

There are a few variety of pop up campers that have bathrooms are sometimes made “dry”. Unlike wet bathrooms, the dry ones include separate shower and toilet facilities. While the shower and toilet facilities are contained in one room, like that of the bigger RVs, the sink, toilet, and vanity are not physically set within the shower stall.​

And this does occupy more space, but it is easier to wipe down the shower after use, and you do not need to be concerned about the vanity, toilet, and all of the toiletries getting damp.

Such bathrooms are still less spacious compared with those found in larger RVs.

However, space can occasionally be utilized as an exclusive changing area.

3. Curtained Versus Fully Enclosed​

Enclosed rv Bathroom

The majority of such bathrooms fall short in representing the name. Because of the floor space’s dearth found in most pop up campers, those units that do take in a toilet, or a toilet-shower combo, usually have it sitting out amid everything else.

In numerous instances, wet baths will have a cover that encloses it and offers further seating when it is not in use. Sometimes these “bathrooms” are set with a single curtain that can be pulled around to stop water splashes during a shower as well offer a little privacy, although not all units have this feature.​

A few small pop up campers even take in storage for a “porta” potty rather than a wet bath or cassette toilet.​

In fact, a few pop-ups do feature a fully enclosed bathroom with firm walls.

Jayco’s Hardwall series is an example, as it features a line of A-frame pop up campers.

A number of the Hardwall line’s floorplans have bathrooms with firm, though folding walls.

You can just unfold the walls and the A-frame’s roof, and then the bathroom’s walls, and that’s it- your toilet is not in the same area as your bed or kitchen any longer.​

4. The Best Design Of Pop Up Campers With Bathroom Facilities​

The Best Design Of Pop Up Campers With Bathroom Facilities​

Such bathroom will depend on numerous factors specific to every buyer.

You certainly have fewer alternatives if you like a dry bathroom, or a fully-enclosed one, though you can locate both, such as Chalet’s discontinued XL 1938, or Trail Manor, that have them.

Final Thoughts​

There are more to pop up campers with wet bathrooms in the market today. Also, that form of the bathroom is availabl in smaller rigs.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lightweight pop up camper with a bathroom, then that is probably the best option. You can always choose a portable camping shower if needed.

We hope you enjoyed this post which comes along with other camping tips and tricks. If you have more questions about pop up campers, feel free to address them in the comments. And don’t hesitate to share this post to your friends if you think they can benefit from it too. Cheers!

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