Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag: Which Of Them Should You Choose?

Resting is one of the fundamental necessities of any outdoor activity. Whether you are hiking or trekking, you still have to drop your weight, settle in a comfortable place, and rest.

Truly, doing such is a wonderful feeling. A long day in the trail can sweetly end in a good night sleep. Since your bedroom is not with you, relying on portable sleeping systems such as hammocks and tents is reasonable. But for soloists, sleeping bags or quilts are the best choices.​


This topic is one of the prevailing sources of conversations among outdoor junkies and camping experts. Although these two offer the same purpose, their functionalities do differ. Some campers out there prefer sleeping bags while others would pick quilts no matter what.

If you are a novice, contrasting the details may not be your priority. As long as the gear allows you to sleep on it, then it is already a good choice. In some instances, such kind of thinking is acceptable. But once you have understood the fundamentals, your preferences will become a heavy factor.

In this guide, I will show you the distinct differences between a quilt and sleeping bag. I hope that through this guide, you will be able to decide which sleeping amenity you should place your money upon. Let's get started!​

Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag: A Quick Breakdown​

1. Weight​

Quilts are the downsized versions of sleeping bags. That's the reason why these two equipment is closely identical to each other.

The weight of the sleeping bags is typically lighter than their counterpart. In fact, it is quite rare to see a quilt that is heavier than a sleeping bag. Despite this, quilts are still capable of warming you up. By just tying the quilt around your neck and feet, you can certainly feel the undeniable warmth. The reduced weight of quilts is due to their one-sided design. Take note that sleeping bags can cover your entire body.

Sleeping bags tend to be heavier because of the extra cushioning that is present in their system. The fullness of their designs also adds to the load that you can feel when carrying them.

Do you want to go lighter? Check this tutorial video out!​

2. Space And Convenience

Because they are small and light, quilts do not take up too much space in your storage. They remain compact and portable, which is great for solo backpackers and campers. The innate smallness of quilts ensures that compression doesn't happen often. This simply means that the quilt itself is not difficult to re-loft even if it has been packed for a day.

On the other hand, sleeping bags will certainly be an addition to your carrying load. They are not really the comfortable ones to carry, especially on long trails and hiking on ascents. If you don't mind it, by all means, carry the sleeping bag.​

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3. Provision Of Warmth​

If you are looking for a sleeping gear that can make you warm, sleeping bags are the best choice. The padded and full design of sleeping bags allows them to cover your body for better heat generation. They also have great insulation, which provides stability to their warmth. Even without an extra pad or insulation, sleeping bags can stand on their own. But depending on the built of the sleeping bag, it may still not withstand cold temperatures.

A quilt can still provide warmth to your body. You can adjust it on an angle or position in where you can feel warmer and cozier. However, it is already a given fact that quilts are not stand-alone warmers. They need the help of insulation pads and mattresses so that they can keep you comfortable during cold nights. Without them, I personally don't recommend using quilts in slightly frigid conditions.

4. Design​

You can differentiate a sleeping bag from a quilt through their construction. Typically, sleeping bags have a tubular design which makes them easy to use. There's no need for you to do complex preparations before you can lie inside this gear. Once you finished unfolding the sleeping bag, you can already insert yourself in.

Surprisingly, quilts are more complex than sleeping bags. The biggest reason for this is due to the presence of cords and ties. These components are used to close the bottom part of the quilt. They are the ones that tie down the quilt to a mattress. Because of this design, quilts are susceptible to the loss of warmth. Fortunately, modern designs of quilts have warmth-sealing capabilities.

5. Variation​

When it comes to the variety of designs, sleeping bags have the upper hand. It can offer a lot of choices depending on your preferences. For instance, you can choose from the gamuts of single sleeping bags, double sleeping bags, mummy sleeping bags, rectangular sleeping bags, and queen-sized sleeping bags. Each of these units has intended functions and purposes. However, you can always collect them all together.

Quilts do not enjoy this kind of diversity. It can only be broken down into two categories: fixed quilts and adjustable quilts. Fixed quilts have bottoms that were sealed and closed by their manufacturers. On the flipside, adjustable quilts allow their user to customize the dimension and stiffness through the use of cords and ties. If you can get the right setup, quilts can actually provide sufficient warmth in your body.

Final Verdict​

The debate between these two sleeping gears doesn't rest at all. Even while comparing these two items, I feel like there is an internal dialogue going on my head.

Fortunately, the selection process can be simplified by considering your application and preferences. If you are camping in cold conditions, bringing a quilt would be impractical and unreasonable. But when the season is warmth, quilts provide a breathable and comfortable sleeping space.

If you are planning to camp lightly, bring a quilt with you. If you have your RV or truck, use it to carry the sleeping bag to the campsite.

Which side are you on? Do you prefer using quilts or do you still want your sleeping bag to accompany you? Tell us your answers in the box below! I will be waiting!.

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Quilt vs. Sleeping Bag: Which Of Them Should You Choose?
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