What To Pack For A River Cruise

Anyone who has ever been on a river cruise will tell you that it is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

The majestic views from your cabin, the amazing food, meeting fellow travelers from all over the world, the thrill of docking and exploring your destination - what more could you possibly want?

Another thing that they will tell you is that you should definitely come prepared. Sure, when you're flying somewhere and you remember that you forgot to pack a swimsuit is okay because you can just buy another one when you land.

Packing A Swimsuit

But don’t let this happen to you if you are going on an exotic cruise, an Amazon river cruise, for example!

You can’t expect to buy or get some important things you’ve forgotten in the middle of a rainforest, can you?

Well, in order to avoid this from happening, we’ve prepared some tips that could come in handy, especially if this is your first river cruise.

Of course, you will have to do some research on the climate of your next travel destination. As you can expect, it will probably greatly differ from the one in your city!

So, from the clothes’ materials to other essentials you will want to make sure you brought, this is your ultimate (exotic) river cruise packing guide!

Hit the mall!


Young Woman Buying Clothes

The chances are that your closet is not all that packed with crui​​​​se-friendly clothing, so the best thing to do now is go shopping. You will looking for comfortable and loose-fitting clothes.

The reason why it is best to wear loose-fitting clothes in just about any exotic climate is the fact that mosquitoes tend to bite through tight-fitting clothes. Better safe than sorry!

Speaking of those pesky mosquitoes (and other insects, for that matter), you should also make sure that you buy lots of long sleeves and long pants.

They will not only protect you from the insects but from sun damage too! Your clothes should also be light colored since the mosquitoes are attracted to darker fabrics.

Note that you should also be on a lookout for dry-fit clothes. Since the climate will be quite humid, this is definitely the best way to go.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget to pick up a wide-brimmed hat! They are an absolute essential in your protection from the sun, so make sure that your hat covers your shoulders as well.

Of course, make sure not to forget to pack an outfit for your flight back home and keep it safe and dry at all times.

This is where plastic Ziploc bags definitely come in handy. Bring a lot of Ziploc bags on your cruise, not only for your clothes but for your documents and electronics as well.


Buying Flip Flops In Store

Now, your shoe department won’t be as demanding as the clothes. There are no special rules when it comes to footwear on a cruise/expedition, so all you have to pay attention to is your shoes’ quality and comfort.

You will want to be protected from the mud, rough terrains, and the humidity, of course. So, as long as your shoes fit you well and you feel comfortable wearing them for a longer period of time, you’re good to go!

You should also know that some cruise ships offer their own rubber boots to the travelers, so if that’s the case with your cruise ship, they’ll definitely save you some space in the suitcase!

Of course, these tips apply only to exotic cruises that include expeditions and hikes through the rainforest, for example. However, if you’re cruising through Europe, just make sure that your shoes are comfy - and that’s it!

Don’t forget the meds!

Sure, maybe you’ll be able to get a pill or two from your fellow travelers while you’re on-board, but you can’t expect to find your prescribed medication while in the rain forest, can you?

So, as soon as you start packing for your cruise, make sure that you’ve packed all the medication you need.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that most exotic trips require you to get the proper inoculations. Do some research on the destination you’re traveling to and go see your doctor as soon as possible!


Yellow Water Resistant Bag

Now that you’ve packed your clothes, shoes, and your medication, you can start thinking about other essentials you may need on your cruise.

The first one is a water-resistant backpack/day bag. It’s the easiest way to keep your essentials close to you and safe from the humidity at the same time.

You should also stack up on chargers and memory cards. You’re about to witness lots of majestic sights so make sure that you get them all on camera!

Another tip that could come in handy is to bring cash (if you are going on an exotic trip, of course). Chances are that you’ll have a hard time finding an ATM in the jungle!

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