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If you asked 10 people to name a luggage brand, chances are most of them would say Samsonite. Over the years it has become the brand of choice for travelers who want mid-priced luggage that is durable and reliable. 

Is Samsonite luggage good? Does it deserve the status it has today? After all, several other brands are now on the market. It's reasonable to ask the question, is Samsonite popular due to its quality or because it's simply been around forever?

In this piece, we'll take a closer look at the Samsonite brand, and the luggage they produce today. Keep reading to learn about the types of Samsonite luggage, features, durability oh, pricing, and more.

Samsonite Luggage Overall Review

Best Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite is a very decent quality luggage line. It ranks with brands like Travel Go and Chester. It may not be a luxury brand, but overall it is attractive and durable.people who have standard traveling habits can expect to pass their Samsonite luggage down to their children. those who travel a bit more intensively can still expect to use Samsonite for many many seasons.

Why is Samsonite remained such a popular line of luggage? They have managed to maintain the perfect combination of pricing, design, options, and quality.

Samsonite Luggage Pros and Cons

The pros

There are many reasons that Samsonite luggage, so highly recommended. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Samsonite brand luggage:

  • Great warranties and customer support

Samsonite has long been known for backing its products with good warranties.things rarely go wrong with Samsonite luggage, but when they do the company can usually be counted on to do the right thing. In addition to this they offer great customer support online, over the phone, and via email.

  • Sound quality and reliability

Even though this is not a luxury brand, you can look at a piece of Samsonite luggage and tell that it's well-made. The company uses durable materials to make its products. The designs are attractive. Most importantly, the hinges, closures, fasteners, and other moving parts are quite well-done. Travelers can generally rely on their luggage to last quite a long while in a variety of situations.

  • Popularity among customers

Like any other product such as it luggage reviews, Samsonite receives its share of negative reviews online. Still, overall sentiment is good. Travelers actively seek out the Samsonite brand when they shop for luggage, and are generally satisfied with the product when they buy it.

The Cons

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this luggage line. These include:

  • High Expense to Value Ratio

As you look at Samsonite’s higher end products, you may notice that the prices go up significantly. While we expect to pay more for luxury products vs. basic ones, we think that the prices are not always inline with product value.

  • Limited Features

This is one area where Samsonite tends to rest on its laurels. Where their competitors work hard to provide travelers with great packing features, most Samsonite luggage works just as it did two decades ago.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Samsonite is a great choice for leisure and business travelers. The brand scores high points in customer support, quality, and durability almost similar to if you buy a louis vuitton bag. They also offer a great selection of budget priced luggage. Their luxury luggage is a bit iffy. The quality is there, but the price is simply too high. It may not be the best choice for adventure travelers, or those who want the most modern features when they buy new luggage. If you're an adventure traveller we highly recommend you to read our sling backpack reviews.

Best Samsonite Suitcases

Samsonite Luggage Review

If you are currently on the market for new luggage, check out these recommendations. They are some of the top rated samsonite suitcases available today.

Hardside Suitcases

  • Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Suitcase With Wheels

This base model suitcase comes in a variety of colors, has zipper interior closure, and is made from 100% polycarbonate. This is a great checked bag for the casual traveler.

  • F’Lite GT Spinner

Moving slightly up the pricing scale is the F’Lite GT Spinner. This suitcase is a bit more rugged than the Omni. It also has a few more features such as a TSA lock, and oversized wheels. Know more in our hard vs soft luggage review.

Carry-On Suitcases

  • Samsonite Spinner Underseater 

This great piece of carry-on luggage was designed for underseat storage. It comes with a USB port, spinning wheels, and a retractable handle. The Underseater may fit in the overhead bin, but that is not guaranteed.

  • Samsonite Lamont 20 Inch Expandable Carry On Spinner

This, soft, lightweight suitcase is expandable for additional packing room. It has padded handles, four wheels for added stability, and corner protectors to keep it safe during handling. The Lamont is a perfect suitcase for weekend trips.

Softside Suitcases

  • Samsonite Advena

The Advena is one of Samsonite’s budget options for folks looking for a softside suitcase. The exterior of this model features a large front panel for packing last minute items. Inside, is a wet pack, mesh pockets, and a removable pouch.

Luggage Set

  • Winfield  3 DLX

This is a three piece luxury set, that is ideal for the perfect traveler. The Winfield 3 DLX is a hardside, polycarbonate luggage set. This set comes in a variety of colors, has TSA locks, and retractable handles.

  • Samsonite Aspire Xlite

This is a two piece set that is ideal for the budget traveler who needs more than one piece of luggage. The Aspire Xlite has a 20” carry-on and a 25” wheeled spinner. Both cases are made of lightweight, man-made materials that are durable enough to resist wear and tear. 

If you are looking for the most durable options available check out our durable luggage review or  review of skyway luggage.


  • 3-Piece Packing Cube Set

This 3-piece packing cube set is designed to help travelers keep their suitcases better organized. Each piece has nylon lining with a mesh top for better airflow. 

  • Samsonite Tote-a-Ton Duffel

College students, and other younger travelers may find that they prefer using a duffel to a suitcase. It’s often a better choice for road trips, and can take significant abuse. The Tote-a-Ton Duffel is lightweight, durable, and has an impressive amount of storage space.

Samsonite Luggage Features

The features you get on your Samsonite luggage depends largely on the specific pieces that you buy. However, some common features included:

  • Retractable Handles
  • Combination Locks
  • Spinning Wheels
  • Corner Guards

Samsonite Luggage Pricing

In terms of pricing, Samsonite is very ‘Middle of The Road’. While it certainly has some very luxury offerings, most of their luggage is intended for people who are looking for very functional luggage like waterproof backpacks, carry-on garment bag. One thing that is noticeable is that prices can vary depending on the store or website. So, you should certainly shop around before making a final choice.

What to Consider When Buying Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite Luggage Reviews

Before you choose your next piece of Samsonite luggage, consider the following questions:

  • Do you carry on or check your luggage?

  • Are wheels important to you?

  • Do you need interior organizers in your suitcases?

  • How much ‘abuse’ does your luggage take?

  • How often do you travel?

  • What’s your budget?

Because Samsonite has such a large variety of products, virtually any traveler should be able to find the luggage they need.

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