Skyway Luggage – How does it Measure Up?

Skyway Luggage - How does it measure up?

Is Skyway luggage a good brand? If you travel a lot, you know your luggage takes a beating. Baggage handlers don’t care much about luggage. They throw it, leave it out in the elements, and throw it again when it comes off the plane. And if you change planes, it happens all over again, and even again when you reach your final destination. 

Unfortunately, lots of travelers opt to purchase the cheapest luggage possible, thinking that they will just replace it with more cheap pieces. Over the years, they end up spending more than they would have had they just purchased a top, durable brand in the beginning – one that would tolerate the abuse. And these cheaper brands do not have the 

When consumers think of top name luggage, the names Samsonite and Delsey usually come to mind. But there is another brand that is more budget-friendly and has most of the features that these higher-priced brands have. And it’s been around since 1910 with a great reputation. It’s Skyway.

Types of Skyway Luggage

Best Skyway Luggage

Reviews of Skyway Luggage talk about its quality, as well as it being super lightweight and more affordable than other top brands. 

And you have many options for both carryon and checked baggage. Here are just some of them

  1. The Encinitas Carry-on Spinner Upright

This is a 20 or 22-inch durable carryon that weighs only 5 pounds and is probably a great choice for a weekend away or a short business trip. They are 13.5 and 13.75 inches wide, and depths are 9 or 8.25 inches respectively. While it is currently unavailable on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace price is in the $60.00 range.

Both sizes have the same features which are probably pretty attractive:

  • Its lightweight feature comes from being made of ripstop polyester. This fabric resists tears and other abrasions.
  • There are 4 spinner wheels (360 degrees) which work well even on uneven surfaces. 
  • The carry handle is padded, and, of course, the trolley handle is expandable.
  • The body of the case has compression straps, and the middle is expandable, if you must stuff things or small purchases in as you prepare for your return. 
  • There are two deep zippered pockets on the outside – great for dirty clothes or shoes, or things that you may need quick access to.

All is not totally rosy, though. Here are a couple of things you will miss:

  • There is no bottom handle, which is really handy when you are trying to lift your bag into the overhead compartment
  • It does not have TSA approved locks
  • If you are going on a longer trip, this bag will obviously not give you enough room. But it certainly can hold your personal care items and a one-day supply of clothing, should your checked luggage get misplaced.
  1. The Pescadero Spinner Series

This is a hard-shell piece, made with a textured material that is pretty resistant to “bangs and bruises.” One great feature is that is has both top and side handles of carrying options, as well as the standard telescopic handle and, of course, the 360-degree spinner wheels with all of the accompanying navigation ease.

The unique feature of this series is the “book style” opening with two compartments – a large one for most of your stuff (with self-adjusting straps for tie down) and a smaller compartment complete with a hanger loop and garment bag that is marketed as “anti-wrinkle.” The divider itself has a small mesh storage capacity and zips closed just like backpacks that are waterproof .

Another great feature is a 2 ½-inch expansion option all the way around – perfect extra space for those irresistible purchases you make on your trip.

Now the specifics of size. The basic bag comes in three sizes:

  • The smallest is 20 inches high, 14.5 wide and 9.5 inches deep, without expanding. Weight on this one is 7.5 lbs., still pretty light.
  • The 24-inch bag is 17.5 inches wide and 11 inches deep, before expansion, and weight 8.9 lbs.
  • The 28-incher is 19 inches wide and 12 inches deep without expansion and weighs in at 10.2 lbs.

As with all Skyway luggage, there is a limited 10-year warranty. Prices in this series, on Amazon, will range approximately from $80 - $100.

There are a number of pros, as mentioned above – the impact and scratch resistant outer shell, that great compartment for garments, expandability, and 3 handles for better handling.

As for the cons, this series is manufactured off-shore, and the quality can suffer in minor ways, such as a missing zipper pull and occasionally some damage in shipping. That can be a big hassle in terms or returns and exchanges. And with the harder exterior, there are no external pockets. 

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  1. The Nimbus Series

This is a fully hard-case series that, like the Pescadero series, has the accordion-style compartments, but without the garment bag feature. It comes in three sizes and is a bit heavier because of the outer shell:

  • The 20-inch is 14 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep, weighing 7 lbs., 9 oz.
  • The 24-inch is 17 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep with a weight of 9 lbs., 3 oz.
  • The 28-inch is 19 inches wide and 10 inches deep and weighs 8 lbs., 8 oz.

These same sizes are somewhat lighter in a similar Samsonite series, but are considerably less expensive, so that must be considered.

There are some great features in this series, to include:

  • They have a mesh zippered cover
  • There are also side zippered pockets for you smaller items
  • They are all expandable 
  • They have the great 360-degree wheels
  • The handles are gel cushioned

The series is not without its cons, however:

  • They are heavier than the soft exterior shells
  • Obviously, there are no pockets on the outside
  • They do not have built-in TSA locks
  • The two-sided compartments may not be pleasing to everyone

Amazon prices for these pieces range from $480 - $109.

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Other Options

Skyway Luggage Review

These three series are the most popular, but Skyway offers other models too. Finding one that fits all of your needs such as the sling backpacks or the best samsonite luggage may take a bit of research, but in all, here is what you need to know:

  1. Skyway has a solid reputation for manufacturing great quality at prices far less than the other top brands.
  2. There is a wide variety of choices among exterior shells, interior elements, and even handles and wheels.
  3. Skyway is well-known for its lightness in weight, and, especially with its fabric exteriors, materials are highly durable and resistant to damage. Read more about lightweight and durable options available in our durable luggage review.
  4. Skyway is also praised for its top-quality zippers and telescoping handles that seem to outlast those of many other brands.

Choosing the Right Piece or Series for You Needs

Best Skyway Luggage

This is obviously a matter of personal choice, but here are some things to consider:

  1. Do you want two or four wheels? Skyway offers both. Four wheels gives much more maneuverability, but could “run away,” especially at the top of an incline.

  2. Do you use outside pockets a lot? If so, you will want the fabric versions, because the hard-shelled do not have them.

  3. What do you need in the way of interior pockets? Do they need to zip?

  4. Do you prefer an open interior or would you prefer the accordion style with a garment compartment to protect against wrinkles?

  5. Do you typically take very short trips, longer ones, or a combination? You may want to consider a couple of bags to meet your individual needs.

With Skyway, you have light weight, durability, and high durability at a great price. You should definitely explore all of the options you have with this brand.

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