Survival Gear: Top 10 Essential Items To Save Your Life

Disasters can happen anytime. Majority of these SHTF situations occur unexpectedly. They are the ones that can take us by surprise, leaving us reeling and in danger. Survival becomes a questionable concept there.

Of course, you can rise over the occasion if you have all the essential emergency items with you. You can just maneuver your way out of the hazards when the right gears are with you. But that's the question that we should address: do you bring them with you?

What you should know is that matters of life and death are determined by how prepared you are and what you have prepared. Survival tools like multi-tools and flashlights can play a huge role in your disaster preparedness and response.

With these being said, let us take a look at some of the important tools and stuff that you have to bring to increase your survival rate in any type of emergencies.

1. Dry Bags

Dry bags

Dry bags are among the first things that you have to secure if you are going to risky places and terrains. Their function is almost the same as dry boxes. Specifically, they are storage systems that guarantee that all your amenities are dry and free from blemishes.

It is quite difficult to survive if your gadgets and clothes get wet. Moreover, you cannot use them if they are already damaged and tarnished. Ordinary storages and containers can't protect these items during moments of extreme precipitation.

There is some basic stuff that you should prioritize storing in the dry bag. Underwears, fleece shirt, multiple pairs of socks, and hiking trousers are among them.

2. Fire Starters

Magnezium Fire Starters

You need to stay dry to optimize your rate of survival. Getting drenched and being cold can lead to disastrous and untimely repercussions, after all.

Aside from having dry items to wear, you need your body to get warm, too. In any setting, being able to create fire is very advantageous. It prevents your body from succumbing to freezing temperatures. If you have some wet items, you can let them dry quickly by placing them near the fire.

Of course, fire is one of the essential mediums of cooking. You can cook any raw ingredient safely as long as this element is present. Having a fire starter ensures that you can have access to fire anytime, anywhere.

3. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags

Having a solid and conducive shelter to rest is pivotal for survival. We all know of that. But when disasters strike, this basic survival need is automatically eliminated.

When battling for your life, resting and sleeping are ranked bottom to our concerns. But that's a huge mistake. You need to have our bodies and minds rested if you want them to work properly. You cannot think and act better if your system is weary and lethargic.

You need to sleep whenever possible, and a sleeping bag can provide such convenience. Sleeping bags enable a person to have a quick and comfortable repose even things get a little tough.

4. Purifying Tablets For Water

Water purifying tablets

Water can be found everywhere, but a chief number of them are not potable. Even a crystal clear river is not safe to drink. The same goes for rainwater and other types of precipitation.

During emergency cases, water can be scarce. Just like mentioned, a lot of water sources out there may be dirty and contaminated. To solve this problem, you must bring water purification tablets. But first, you need to know particular purification tablets work and how you should use it.

5. Survival Knife

Survival knife

Knives are not just there to make you look cool and tough. They are there to ensure that you can walk the talk. If you are heading into the wilderness, it is pretty essential that you bring your trusted survival knife. It can help you do a lot of things such as fending off wild creatures and mentally unstable humans.

Aside from these things, a survival knife can be used for clearing debris and obstacles. You can even use it on food preparation such as skinning a fruit or cleaning the innards of a fish. It can also be used for building makeshift shelters and application of first aid items. In fact, it would be great if you can couple your survival knife with a Braving The Great Outdoors: 5 Of The Best Tactical Knives. With these two, you can tackle multiple tasks that can ensure your survival.

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6. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits

There's no guarantee that an emergency situation will leave you unscathed. Because there is a good chance that it will never leave you with a pretty face or body. Injuries like wounds and fractures can be sustained during any worst-case scenario. But the biggest issue here is how you should treat them.

Clinics and medical facilities won't be immediately accessible while you are out in the wild or stuck in the middle of an outbreak. To have your fix wherever you are, it is necessary to bring a comprehensive first aid kit. Medicines and medical amenities should be present inside the box.

7. Animal Spray

Animal Sprays

Wild creatures are always on the lookout for their next prey or target. It doesn't matter if humans are on the top of the food chain. Once you are in the wild, you immediately flunk down to the lower tier.

Fortunately, humanity has been ingenious when it comes to defending themselves. We can disperse and scare away wild animals like bears through the use of animal sprays. Pepper sprays work better than guns or knives when dealing with these creatures. They eliminate the need for melee combat and the need to shoot accurately to pin down your target.

8. Whistles

whitles for camping

There's a limit to what you can do by yourself. Some survivors and preppers can escape from dangerous situations through their sheer will and skill. But for the most of us, we certainly need the help of others.

If you want to get found immediately, you need to have a signaling device like a whistle. Just blow the whistle to release a high-pitch sound that can reach great distances. And unlike other signaling devices, whistles are lightweight and easy to use. You can utilize it even if you are badly injured.

9. Compass


A compass is an essential amenity if you are exploring in an unfamiliar terrain. Knowing the directions of which you should go is essential for survival. Getting lost in the middle of nowhere will seriously decrease your survival rate.

Of course, the compass that you should get must not be cheaply made. We can see a lot of compasses that are being integrated into watches and other amenities. They might work but they will never provide any directional accuracy. What you need is a stand-alone authentic compass that can guide you home.

10. Extra Fuel

fuel extra for camping

Fuel is a necessary survival item. This one is among the resources that being contested first when there are tragedies and disasters that are taking place. Obviously, this would always remain the case. After all, fuel is essential for the operation of different machines like your vehicle or generators.

We are not saying that you bring drums and gallons of fuel in every trip that you have. But it always pays if you have a spare that you can use if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

These things that we mentioned here might serve as the thin line between your survival or demise. You should secure them in your camping checklist before you head out on a trip or excursion. In this way, you can always prevail even things don't turn in your favor.

Do you know other survival items that preppers should bring all the time? If yes, share them with us in the comment section!

Survival Gear: Top 10 Essential Items To Save Your Life
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