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How Hot Does A Campfire Get? (An Informative Guide To A Fun Adventure)

The hotness of fire is determined by its color. Campfire is what makes your wilderness adventure complete and nothing beats the relaxing warm a campfire brings after a long day of hiking and outdoor activities. Sitting back while comfortably warming yourself from the shivering breeze the forest brings is the best part of every camper's tiring day. But exactly how hot does a campfire get before it leads into something unpleasant?

Yes, camping is fun but being informative and having knowledge with safety can make it more awesome!

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How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood: The Ultimate Complete Guide

In the winter when snow covers every inch of ground or in during other seasons when water pours from the clouds, wetting everything in its way, campers often wonder how to start a fire with wet wood.

When we first went out to go forest camping in the beautiful Minnewaska State Park, we found it almost impossible to create a bonfire using wet branches – the only object out there which can potentially make fire.

As campers, we usually carry a lighter and some cardboard to start a fire in the event that we get stranded somewhere for any reason. But they just can’t do the trick with wet branches - the paper burns fast and the wood still can't catch fire.

But as time went by and we began camping almost every weekend, we’ve learned the best way to make fire from wet wood, among the other skills we’ve acquired from the outdoors.

You know something? The great outdoors really has a way of making an unresourceful person become resourceful; that’s just one of the skills you’ll develop outside your comfort zone.

Without further ado, we’ll present to you the best way of starting fire from wet wood. Let’s start!​

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13 Very Entertaining Campfire Games For Adults

Camping is a very exciting activity for friends and families. It is the perfect time for them to slow down, relax, and spend some time together.

My favorite part of the camping activity is the evening campfire. However, unless you have a lot of things to talk about or there’s a family musician who would play an instrument, then the adults may get bored just looking at the fire for hours on end.​

Do not trouble yourself too much though for there are entertaining campfire games that you can share with your folks. This post will share fifteen of them. So ride along and see just how fun your camping activity would be with these games.

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