5 Things You Need To Prepare When Going Camping In Iceland

Camping has become more than just a fun-filled activity. For many people, it has become a way of life. It has become a way for them to reconnect with nature, or learn more about themselves.

Being able to leave the stressful environment of the city, and disconnect from modern technology opens a way for us to listen to the hidden wisdom of nature.

Iceland is located very close to the Northern hemisphere giving it a chilly climate. However, unlike what its name seems to imply, it is not entirely covered in snow.

In fact, it has many forested and grassy areas suitable for you to set up camp.

Nevertheless, Iceland’s generally cold climate requires you to be prepared for many things that come your way.

Listed below are things that you need to make sure you have repaired before you start camping the in the beautiful campsite of Iceland.

1. Have Your Vehicle Checked Out​

Oil Change During Winter

Iceland has many campsites that can be easily accessed through national roads or highways.

However, nothing can compare to camping in places away from the noise brought by cars and the city. Hence, it is highly recommended for any camper like you to try out its more secluded campsites.

The Þakgil camping ground is one of the most famous campsites in Iceland. However, to get there, you will need travel on a vehicle on and off road for almost 20 or more kilometers. Getting your car totaled here is totally not an option.

A few days before setting out, bring your vehicle to a licensed service provider to have its important parts checked. Some of the most important parts of a vehicle are its wheels, engine, and breaks. Getting any of these three parts broken can mean disaster in secluded areas.

2. Repair Any Leaks In Your Tent​

Repair Any Leaks In Your Tent​

Rains in Iceland are considerably scarce, with only around 30 to 70 cm of rain all throughout the year. However, the probability of it happening is not remote enough to risk getting wet in its cold climate. In the scenario that it rains while you’re camping, your best protection would be to hide inside your tent.

Before camping, completely set up your tent in your backyard or anywhere there is plenty of space. Check every inch of your tent if there are any holes where water may seep through. Yes, that includes even the base of the tent as water can enter through there in case of rainfall.

If ever you do find a hole, have your tent repaired by a trained professional. A DIY repair risks it not being sealed enough. If you find the whole too large to repair, replace the tent instead with a new one to remove any possibility of getting wet in a place full of ice.

3. Check Your Trekking Shoes​

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Though there are places inaccessible by foot in Iceland, there are still plenty of beautiful places you can camp in by trekking for a few hours.

If you choose a place which would require you to walk it is important to double check the integrity of your shoes.

The first thing you need to do is choose the right shoes for you. Sure that comfortable and secure your feet.

Trekking shoes are the best choice for this. It's one of must have shoes you should have if you’re living in places like Iceland.

If you are not using a newly bought pair of shoes, you’ll need to check its sole and body. Make sure that the sole is thick enough to not break after a very long walk on a rocky or uneven terrain. The body, on the other hand, should be thick enough to give you enough insulation and waterproofing.

4. Repair Your Camera​

Repair Your Camera​

While the first three things that we discussed were for your survival, this one’s not. With Iceland’s beautiful landscapes and sceneries, it would be a waste if you are unable to document the beautiful places that you get to encounter during your journey to and stay in your campsite.

Try testing all the functions of your camera first. If there are any issues, or you unsure if it’s completely functioning, bring it to your nearest camera repair shops. As much as possible, avoid tinkering with the parts of your camera as its components are incredibly delicate.

5. Navigation Or GPS Device​

Do You Need An RV GPS?

Iceland’s terrain is relatively easy to trek. Most of the time using maps available in shops are enough for you to get around.

However, if you would like to make sure that you don’t get lost, using a navigation device like GPS can be really handy.

GPS devices can easily be damaged by moisture or fall. Test out your GPS accuracy by going outside and traveling for a few kilometers to check whether it is still giving out your correct location. Have it checked inside for water damage that might manifest later on while you’re camping.

Now that you’re ready to head out make sure to enjoy yourself and immerse in the beauty nature offers. Just don’t forget to keep safe all the time.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to send us some of your awesome pictures. You may never know if we might feature some of your adventures!

5 Things You Need To Prepare When Going Camping In Iceland
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