8 Tips On RV Camping During The Rainy Season

They say, "Away is a place where it’s not about the money you spends. It’s about the moments you share".

And if you are planning to go ‘far from them adding crowd, especially in a nice RV and beautiful rainy season, here are some tips that would prevent rain from washing off your moments.

1. Plan​

RV Rain

You must always plan first before leaving and be prepared for all possible adventures, good or bad. Some things that might help you further making up your mind are:

  • Route - Picking up a suitable route is necessary
  • Budget - Planning prevents over expenses
  • Transport - Mode of transport is important. I would recommend an RV (Recreational Vehicle) for the comfort of your family
  • Stops - Food or drinks stops would be a smart move
  • Gas-Stations - Make a note of the gas stations on your chosen route. No one likes to get stuck in the middle of nowhere
  • Campgrounds - Choose the place wisely. Make sure deadly predators do not surround it.

2. Getting Started

After the basic planning, there are some important things worth remembering:​

  • Packing Equipment - Decide what you need on the trip. Only take the essentials like camping equipment, tool box, first-aid box, etc.
  • RV: Rent or Buy - Think about whether you want to rent or buy an RV. Both have their pros and cons. According to me, if you on outings frequently, buying would be the better option.
  • Tarps - These cheap, waterproof sheets prove to be very handy during the rainy season. Place them over and inside your tent. You are not only saved from the water, but also from morning dew.

3. Test Your RV

test your RV

Before leaving, it is advised that you test your vehicle. Some benchmarks are:​

  • Test Drive - It helps you to understand the handling and the condition of the RV.
  • Know it - You must know a few things about the vehicle such as what to do, what not to do if an emergency occurs. For more help look up for RV maintenance tips.

4. Foods

Foods and edibles are an essential part of a journey or camping. Having to stop on every food corner can be expensive. There are a few tricks that feel light on your wallet:​

  • Frozen Foods - They are the most common choice of campers as they last longer than any regular food item and are easy to cook.
  • Drink Stock - If you like to have a nice cup of coffee or you want to have nice champagne with your love in the romantic rain, then rather then stopping for them, you can stock these in your RV.
  • Product Stock - If you want to cook a nice meal while on the camp, it is advised to stock the food products or groceries beforehand.

5. Money


It plays an important role everywhere. Plan your budget wisely keeping in mind:​

  • Gas expenses
  • Food expenses
  • Food expenses.

6. Tools

  • Kitchen Tools - Such as knife set or dinner set are the essentials you should always carry with you and shouldn’t miss.
  • Mechanical Tools - These will come in handy for making a tent or in a mechanical emergency.
  • Cooking Tools - Such as a grill are very helpful in case the rain doesn’t let you have a campfire.

7. Campsite Test


This is very important as for choosing a place to camp. There are a few things that you should be particular about:​

  • Surroundings - You wouldn’t want to camp on rocky ground or where the water collects as these are the places of refuge for poisonous insects and small animals such as snakes or scorpions during the rains.
  • Electricity, clean water supply, and drainage for RV.
  • Emergencies - As in the rainy season, chances of hypothermia are common, you must be aware of the nearest medical center.

8. A Few More Things

These additional things might come in handy during camping in rainy season​

  • These additional things might come in handy during camping in rainy season
  • Newspapers are very handy in many ways
  • Carry a bunch of plastic bags with you
  • Be careful about lightening as they are common to happen during the rainy season
  • Have some fun. You can bring some cards, books or board games in case you are in a small tent while it is raining.

At last

I will advise you to spend some quality time with your family as these will be a collection of beautiful experiences in your memory for the rest of your life. Also, please fell free to share those with us.

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8 Tips On RV Camping During The Rainy Season
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