Top Deer Hunting Spots In The USA

Americans are starting to get out in nature in higher numbers, spending increased periods of time hunting and fishing according to a report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Every year, up to 16 million individuals will hunt in one form or another, ranging from seniors all the way down to children younger than 16. Hunting has enjoyed a lot of success in America, both amongst locals and tourists, with its popularity not looking to dwindle anytime soon. 

Apart from the growing trend amongst Americans to spend time in nature, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to the future of hunting.

Exciting technological evolutions in terms of hunting gear is making the sport more enjoyable than ever before. Rifles, bows, and binoculars are all becoming more user-friendly, while spotter scopes are more advanced than ever before, taking hunting to the next level. 

A hunter’s ability to understand animal track pattern and behavior has also improved significantly over time as trail cameras have improved to such an extent that information can be sent directly to a smartphone or other device from miles away.

Another reason for the increased interest in hunting in the USA is without a doubt the prevalence of prime hunting grounds that stretches across the country. Here are some of the top hunting spots in the USA.

1. Dallas - Texas​

Deers In Texas

Dallas boasts an enormous population of whitetail deer as well as a large amount of hunters. Some of the best spots for hunting in the state include the Greystone Castle Sporting Club but your best bet will be to find someone who owns a stretch of private land.

The hunters in the Lone Star State hunt down more deer yearly than in any other area with an astonishing 2011 bucks being bagged in 2011 alone. Another advantage of hunting in Dallas is that you can effortlessly travel to King Ranch in southern Texas or the state of Oklahoma for more hunting opportunities.

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2. Des Moines - Iowa​

Des Moines and its surrounding areas are known for its sizeable deer populations. While deer hunting licences are fairly cheap for Iowans, out-of-towners will pay a far heftier fee.

The application process is also only open for a single month during summer. Consisting of almost 266, 000 acres of open land available for public hunting, Iowa remains a top-choice for avid hunters looking to bring home some venison.

3. Floyd - Georgia​

Two Deers

Georgia’s whitetail population has increased significantly in recent years, which is tremendous news after there have been grim concerns arising from depopulation due to a variety of diseases.

While not much is known about Georgia in the deer hunting world, Floyd County hunters have recently reported a 55% success rate, a vast improvement on previous years.

4. Louisville - Kentucky

Louisville Deer

Most of the state of Kentucky is considered to be premier deer hunting territory with Louisville in particular having a lot to offer avid hunters as it is home to the biggest deer in the Bluegrass State.

As it borders both Ohio and Indiana, it is easy to travel to these states to continue your hunting expedition once you have depleted your Kentucky tags.

Apart from its prolific hunting culture, Louisville also boasts a solid social scene, guaranteeing you a good time when you are not consumed with bagging deer.

5. Jackson - Michigan​

5. Deer Hunting - Jackson - Michigan​

Michigan enjoys an average seasonal deer harvest that is substantially higher than any other state.

Apart from being known for its considerable whitetail population, Jackson landowners are generally more than willing to allow legal, out-of-state hunters to trim down the crop-destroying deer population for them.

6. Orangeburg - South Carolina​

South Carolina hunters have the privilege of being able to bag more bucks per square mile than any of the other states. Orangeburg in particular is home to a very wide ribbon of rural land and features a variety of hunting clubs.

In 2016 more deer were killed in Orangeburg alone by hunters than in the entire state of Massachusetts. You may not always bag a record-breaking buck but up to 70% of South Carolina hunters report successful hunts.

7. Montrose - Colorado​

7. Deer Hunting - Montrose - Colorado​

Hunting in Montrose proves to be challenging and attracts hunters from far and wide. Colorado is home to almost 600,000 mule deer, the biggest population in any state.

Although mule deer are generally harder to track down than whitetails, Montrose is the best place to bag them. While the area has a lot of open land where hunting is permitted, you may also want to consider enlisting the help of a local hunting club if you are not familiar with the region.

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8. Southern Wisconsin​

Regardless of the folktales being told about the whitetail deer of Alma it is simply impossible to narrow down Wisconsin’s best hunting grounds to simply one area.

The southern part of the state alone has over half a dozen counties that will afford you with an excellent opportunity to bag a kill using either a bow or a rifle.

The only downside to hunting in Wisconsin is the fact that there are an excess of hunting outfitters in the area that own the legal rights to a large portion of the available hunting land.

9. Glasgow - Montana​

9. Deer Hunting - Glasgow - Montana​

Montana might not have the biggest deer in the country but it is well-known for its large Western whitetail population. Boasting some of the most hunter-friendly laws in the USA, Montana also offers some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever encounter while out hunting. Glascow should definitely be on your bucket list if you are looking to bag quality deer in picturesque surroundings.

10. Quincy - Illinois​

There aren’t many areas in the country with a greater trophy potential than Quincy, Illinois. Located in what is affectionately known as ‘The Golden Triangle’ of deer hunting in the state, Quincy offers plenty of opportunity to bag a trophy deer.

Home to renowned whitetail hunting outfitters such as Hadley Creek and South Fork, Quincy also has plenty of recreational activities on offer for hunter to participate in when they aren’t tracking deer.

There are countless beautiful hunting grounds in the USA just waiting to be discovered by an avid hunter.

Deer hunting season varies across the different regions of the U.S., and it is therefore very important to do sufficient research before planning a trip. In a perfect world you may even be able to travel the country and hunt all year-round.

Top Deer Hunting Spots In The USA
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