What Is A Grill? All You Need To Know About Grilling

Everyone from different parts of the world knows that grilling is a culinary method that makes wonders on food. But it’s more than just a method. So what is a grill?

If you are new to grilling, you are in the right place. Just keep reading, we will provide you everything you need to know about grilling.

What Is A Grill? Both A Method And A Tool​

To grill is to cook food on a grill/griller (a cooking tool that has a cooking surface that is open or grated with a heat source below) with charcoal, flame, or electric heat source. A grill is the name for both the cooking process and the tool itself.

It cannot be missed out of your camping cookware list when you host an outdoor BBQ. Now, let’s discover the different types of grills and do not forget to note the one that is the optimal choice for you.

Types Of Grills​

There are a zillion ways to classify the different types of grills, whether from the heat source or its origin. But the most effective way to categorize it is by identifying what type of heat source is used.

1. Gas Grills​

Gas Grills

This type of grill is fueled by gas, either methane or propane. Some people debate over the difference of these 2 gases but in reality, there's only a minimal difference. Gas grills are mostly used for backyard grilling. This is perfect for those who are always in a rush.

Grilling with gas grills is fast because you don't need to start the fire manually. You just need to turn the knob and voila! Hello fire!​

  • Pros: Automatic start
  • Cons: Taste

2. Electric Grills

Electric Grills

Powered by electricity, this is perfect for people residing in city condominiums or apartments that have house rules that restrict the use of charcoal and gas type of grills. Electric grills are convenient to use, just like gas grills.​

  • Pros: Fast and convenient grilling
  • Cons: Taste

3. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal Grills

This is the type of grill that will bring out the best taste of grilled foods - smoky and savory. These grills use charcoal briquettes to cook food.

Though this type of grilling really takes time, most smoked and grilled food enthusiasts would prefer to use this type of grills because what matters most is to get a grip of that glorious grill taste.

  • Pros: Taste of real grilled and smoked meat
  • Cons: Time-consuming

4. Portable Grills

Portable Grills

These are grills suited for travelers (like backpackers) who are always on the go. They can either be fueled by charcoal or gas. However, the only downside of this type of grill is the number of meat it can accommodate.

But aside from that it's perfect because it's convenient to bring in just about anywhere. Perfect for summer travels to the beach and resorts!

  • Pros: Easy to bring, easy to use
  • Cons: Size of meat it can accommodate

Grilling Techniques And Methods

Aside from the type of grills, there are also various methods of grilling. They are:

1. Direct Heat Grilling is pretty self-explanatory. You cook food over direct heat. Source can be charcoal, gas, or electric.

2. Smoking is a grilling technique that is usually done outdoors. It's a grilling technique that lets you cook food over smoke from grilling with charcoal or gas.

3. Rotisserie is the grilling technique most often used in grilled or roasted chicken. Those you can spot on supermarkets and other roast-specialized food hubs. The only difference of this technique is the meat rotates over charcoal or gas for a more even cooking. It also bastes meat and melts down meat's excess fat.

The Best Time For Grilling​

Personally, I recommend grilling food when you go out of town, go camping or you are heading to the beach or resort. Grilled food is best when you are just out of the water and you're feeling refreshed. It even brings more fun when you grill and eat with friends.

It is highly recommended that you enjoy grilled food during cold seasons; however, you might find it hard to spark a fire when you are cooking your food via the charcoal grills.

To sum up, grilling is an amazing alternative way to enjoy your usual kind of meat. I personally love grilled milkfish stuffed with sliced tomatoes, onions, ginger, and garlic or in short relienong bangus.

It's easy and you can do it on your own and within the comforts of your home as long as you have the most suitable cookware.

We hope this article was useful in helping you choose which type of grill is best for your meal. We are pleased to receive your comments about your favorite grilled dish and your grilling accessories as well.​

What Is A Grill? All You Need To Know About Grilling
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