Why Hikers Spend A Small Fortune On Boots

Anyone who loves getting out to hike knows that good quality boots are essential for this hobby. The right choice of footwear can be the difference between having nasty blistered feet after each walk and keeping them in good condition.

Indeed, a keen hiker may consider spending a good sum of money on their boots to be a smart long-term investment. There are some very good reasons why people who walk a lot decide that paying a small fortune on boots makes perfect sense.

For Comfort​

Anyone who has ever walked for several miles along rough tracks knows only too well how tough this can be on their feet.

Cheap boots might look reasonably good but too often they let a hiker down by not protecting their feet well enough.

It is likely that low quality boots will have little or no cushioning and won’t give the wearer’s feet much protection for rocks, thorns and other objects that could get in their path.

On the other hand, comfortable safety boots can ensure that the feet inside them are fresh and unharmed even on a long and tiring hike. Features such as tough toecaps and good ankle support will keep the wearer highly protected over rugged terrain.​

For Durability​


Experienced hikers tend to have a pair of favourite, trusty boots that will use for years, often covering an incredible number of miles in them. Clearly, most low cost footwear isn’t going to stand up to this sort of use.

Buying cheap and cheerful boots usually means having to replace them before too long. This can work out more expensive in the long run than simply choosing better quality footwear in the first place.

As well as the cost, we also have to add in the time and hassle of going out to look for new boots every time that the current pair comes to the end of their life.

Even worse than this is the fact that buying new hiking boots regularly means that there is the painful breaking in process to go through far more often than anyone would like.

For A Better Grip​

Good quality boots can be vital in keeping a hiker safe on rough or uneven trails. This is because they give a better grip on steep slopes, icy surfaces and other potentially treacherous spots.

Even walking on a fairly straightforward stretch of road can be dangerous when the hiker is tired and doesn’t control their steps quite so well. Cheap walking boots may have poor grips that quickly rub away or no grips at all.

Paying more for a pair of excellent safety boots means getting a better grip, which can be the difference between reaching the destination safely and suffering a painful injury.

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To Look Good​


Who said that you can’t look good while hiking?

As well as being a fun hobby that involves a lot of healthy exercise, it is also possible to see this as being a chance to get out and about with some cool, fashionable gear on.

There are no rules about what hikers need to wear, so this is a fine opportunity to explore new styles that look good and are highly practical.

Everyone has their own approach to hiker fashion and what is perfect for one person won’t be right for another.

Yet, the starting point for every hiker has to be with good, sturdy boots. If these are great to look at as well as comfortable then so much the better.

For Versatility​

Finally, many hikers walk on different types of terrain in varying climates. This means that they need versatile boots that can be used wherever they go.

The more that they cost the more likely it is that they will do a fantastic job whether the hiker is walking up a snowy mountain, trekking through the desert or handling any other sort of challenging environment. A pair of lightweight, waterproof walking boots with a good airflow can be used to keep feet fresh and highly protected just about anywhere.

Overall, this is one purchase which it is far better to spend a decent amount of money on, rather than scrimping and getting cheap but completely unsuitable hiking boots that aren’t fit for purpose.​

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Why Hikers Spend A Small Fortune On Boots
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  1. I would have to agree with this article. One thing that has to be comfortable when I am camping are my boots and If I need to spend a little more for that to happen, I definitely will.

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